Monday, October 14, 2013

St. Augustine-- Sunday

Haja points


Second place

Third place
We made on final trip to the park on Sunday morning for a fun tournament-- a four game panache.  There was a random draw for partners (triples) before each of the four games.  The games were abbreviated in order to allow those who had to travel on Sunday to be able to play, yet still get on the road around lunch time.  Each game consisted of only five ends.  Each player accumulated points individually.  One major point for a win; minor points based on game differentials.  The player with the most major points was declared the winner (ties to be broken based upon minor points).

And the winner is... Khalid Mesbah of Carolina Petanque!  Congratulations, Khalid!

Our congratulations also go out to Daniel Smith and the rest of the Boules de Leon club.  It was an excellent tournament.  The formats (Saturday melee and Sunday panache) allowed everyone a chance to participate and, perhaps, even to win.  Less experienced players got a chance to play with and against players who've played the game for many years.  Great fun!

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