Monday, October 28, 2013

Lexington Barbecue Festival- Saturday

Blue skies and pink pigs
8:30 AM
Mayor Clark and Executive Festival Director Stephanie Saintsing Naset
Lexington native-- Old Man (from Pawn Stars)
Lori Beth and Larry
Bobby and Peggy
Best headwear?
In the "garden"
Sand sculpture
Me and Dino
The gang at the Village Grill
Daniel Smith  at the Wiens (Best headwear entry #2)
Wiens home-- Court #2

Saturday is the BIG DAY for Lexington.  This year's crowd estimate-- 200,000 people!  In a town of 18,000.  We're always among the early birds.  Shirley just LOVES the barbecue festival.  Maybe it's just all those people to talk to?  I must admit that I like the crowds too.  And the music (six bandstands).  And the food.  And the unusual (lumberjack competitions, sand sculptures, pig races, bicycle stunt riders, car shows, beer and wine gardens, arts and crafts, street performers, costumed people, kids rides, a nighttime concert, and all that goes with it).

This year we even had petanque  after spending nearly twelve hours downtown!  (Thanks, Sue and Terry Wien for allowing us to use your courts even though, due to another commitment, you couldn't be there.)

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