Tuesday, July 26, 2016

News from Germany

Hi all together

My first picture with the Carolina P├ętanque sign on my shirt. 

Please don't miss understand my face. I was happy to have on my shirt. Unfortunately our team lost a league match this evening. 

So we also lost our first place in our league ranking.  :-(

But we will have it back at the end of the season. (I hope :-).   )

Wish you all the best. 

Christoph.  [Muller]

Wednesday July 20

Fred and I played Cherri/Shirley at Griffith Park.

Sunday 7/17/16

Miller Park in Winston-Salem.

Third Saturday

For the 2015 season, Denyse Haney and Rebekah Ricardo have taken the initiative to standardize a playing schedule for the Nevin Park location in Charlotte. The club is now hosting play there on the third Saturday of each month, and attendance has been good. We plan to continue with that approach for Charlotte play until further notice.


James, Ronnie, Tom, Cherri, Kerry, Rom, and Fred joined Shirley and me at Griffith Park on July 13 to celebrate Shirley's birthday. Thanks to all.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Yesterday at Miller Park

 The temperature topped out at 86F on Sunday in Winston-Salem. but the sunny day made it seem hot nonetheless. We did our summer setup of sunshelters and umbrellas and played from 1:00 until a little after 6:00. The terrain was still muddy at one end where the water-drain situation is unresolved, but we had plenty of room for two courts-- maybe three. As the weather gets warmer and begins to reach into the 90s, the court should dry and firm up for better, more challenging play. It's still soft from spring rains. Summer is officially here, so that should improve.

The women beat the guys in yesterday's final match.Can you spell F-A-N-N-...?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fun with Kirk and Bo (and Parker)

Carolina Petanque's First Family
Celebrating the 55th annual Marseillaise
In Marseille, of course!

Our men's team: Parker, Kirk, Jim Schwobel (Heart of Texas club)

Marco Foyot, six-time winner of The Marseillaise! (with Zanesfield Petanque Club's Shannon Hodge)

Parker and the ladies

Team Dugeny defeats Team Foyot in the semi-finals

Our women's team: Bo, Shannon, and Celia Crittenden (Portland, OR)

An evening with Marco!

Cradle of Petanque

Women at rest

Smile, Shannon!

Nice hat, Bo!

When in France?

The gang's all here!

Where petanque was born!

2016 men's Champions

Best looking team in the Marseillaise!

The Big Stage

Pictures "borrowed" from the Facebook timelines of Kirk and Bo. Congratulations to our international teams!