Friday, December 26, 2008

December 6, 2008 in Spartanburg, SC

Tom and Marly Divver had us down to Spartanburg on December the 6th to play on a baseball field at a park near their house. There were only six of us due to really cold weather and conflicts due to the holiday season. Still, we had a great time! We fired up a small propane heater to warm our hands once in a while and we were fine.

The only problem we ran into was when Sue Wien had to go to the restroom. Due to having on about six or seven layers of underwear and long johns, it took her quite a while!

The six of us had dinner together after the afternoon's play and warmed up in the restaurant. We hope Tom and Marly will have us back again in the new year. Just hope we get a little better weather!

Thanksgiving 2008 in Florida

Terry, Sue, Gary, and Shirley spent Thanksgiving in Citrus Hills, Florida, at the vacation home of Terry/Sue. In addition to some local sightseeing, some time out on the river in Terry/Sue's boat, and visiting in the home, we also managed to find time to squeeze in a little petanque at a local park. The park is only a couple miles from the vacation home. It just happened to have two very nice packed-dirt bocce courts which serve excellently for petanque.

As best I can remember, Terry & Shirley were only marginally competitive against Sue and myself. Of course, they may remember it differently, who knows?