Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pizza and Petanque in Lincolnton

Six of us gathered for pizza and petanque that began in the afternoon and ended in the late evening of August 17, 2009, in Lincolnton, NC.

More from Michigan

Joe Zajac, president of the Michigan Petanque club, and our own Bob Moyer, president of CarolinaPetanque, went head-to-head at Royal Oaks, Michigan, on August 16, 2009.

IST GAME to Carolina 13-11

2ND Game to Michigan 13-10

Guess we'll have to wait until next time to declare a winner.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bob Moyer in the petanque news

Jeff Widen maintains an interesting blog realted to petanque in Detroit. Since Bob has family in the Detroit area, he visits there on occasion. The link below provides evidence that he often wins there just as he does here in the Carolinas. Way to go, Bob!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Danny and Sue made their way down from the mountains on Wednesday, July 22, to join us for play in Lincolnton. Tom, Augustine, and Susanne also found time for middle-of-the-week play. Carol had a commitment and was missed.

We hope to be able to play in Lincolnton on a more regular basis in addition to our commitment to continuing Sunday play at Miller Park. I'll be sending out an e-mail from time to time letting you know when we're there.

Hot July 19 at Miller

Once again we found ourselves looking for a little shade at Miller Park on the 19th. The area by the picnic table seemed to be favored by most since the sun doesn't get there until 4:30 or so in the afternoon, and it's not quite as intense by then.

We were pleased to have Michel's cousin, Freia, and her new husband, Indra, visiting with us from Belgium. They're spending some time visiting the US and Michel is serving as tour guide. Come back anytime, guys.

Bob and Josh were kind enough to remember Shirley's birthday of last Monday with a petanque-themed cake. Nice gesture and much appreciated.