Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Boules

Beautiful day for pétanque in the mountains. It was even better sharing it with great friends!
Kirk Edwards

Super fun! Thanks y'all!
--Kristi Bunn

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Petanque at Miller Park

Annie and her step-son, Sam

We had about a dozen players at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday. Rick and Maggie were up from South Carolina. Danny and Sue were down from the North Carolina mountains. And Annie brought her step-son Sam as a first-time player.
-- Gary

Petanque in Portland, Oregon

Had the great pleasure of playing pétanque in Portland which boasts the nicest clubhouse I've ever seen(pictured). I played with Joe Martin(in the red coat)among others. Ended on a comeback win with Ray.
-- Bob Moyer 

Pétanque at Nevin Park

Pétanque at Nevin Park in a chill wind with Anne, Denyse, Frank, Monique, Gerard, and newcomer Jocilyn. Ladies won the weather shortened last game.
-- Ed Shoaf 

Beaujolais Nouveau Festival


Jerome, Frank, Denyse, Gerard, Monique, Anne, Ed
Carolina Pétanque at Beaujolais Nouveau Festival by Alliance Francaise. Jeanne Morel was running the show and we had to track her down separately from the rest of the group.
-- Ed Shoaf 

Final Results 2015 Petanque America Open

Here's Tournament Director, Christophe Chambers, with the official results.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winners at Amelia

From left: Jack Vijiit, Dominique Usai, Damien Hureau, and Peter Mathis.(Picture from ZPC FB.)

Champions were Damien and Dominique (France)
Runners-up Jack (Ohio) and Peter (Sonoma, CA)

Jack is a member of the Zanesfield Petanque Club. Congratulations to all!


Edwards family

We played John and Mervyn from New Zealand!

Marc, Kathy. and Juan

Asheville players had a banner

We played Walter/Gilles from Miami

Jean-Pierre, Damien, Claudy

Thierry, Rachel, Hasu (Austin, Texas)

Celia Crittendon (US Women's Singles Champion)

Shannon (US Women's team) and Celia (US Women's Singles Champion)

Hodge/Crittendon with Parker/Bo (and Khalid)
Diana Jacobs/Gina De Joy (Both on US Women's team)

Diana shows the way

We lost 13-10 to Larry/Lori Beth (St. Augustine)

Florida crowd

Winners and Runners-up in Concours BB

Kathy and Kaye were 4th in Consolante D
Runners-up in Concours BB

Lori Beth/Larry Winners of Concours BB

Peter Mathis (CA) and Jack Vijiit (OH) 2nd place in CONCOURS A

Dinner at the Marina


Traditional group photo on Saturday morning
Hedy/Donnie as Burger/Fries

Thierry fronm Austin with Marco Foyot (France)

Kirk/Khalid had to play Marco/Eric (Sarasota) the first match!

Danny/Sue with Ridah/Frank from Oh La La in Orlando (Sanford)

Earl Lovell sent Marco a collector's knife

Jesse/Dave (Sarasota)


The remote courts at Broome & 2nd Street were tough but fun

Best costume winners (?)

Ziggy and Bo

Misty rides the SALTY PELICAN!
Shirley only managed to get a few pictures on Saturday-- we were just too busy playing. We had around 20+ players from the Carolinas, so it was one of our best-attended Petanque America Opens.