Monday, June 29, 2015

Visitors (and news)

Charles and Paul

First boules on new terrain!

First game on new terrain!
Second game on new terrain!
We had some results from Rebekah's "Meet Up" recruiting efforts as Paul and his son Charles came out to play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday.  Though French in origin, they currently reside in Clemmons, so we hope to see a lot more of them in the future.  By the way, in their first Carolina Petanque game, the two teamed up to defeat Danny and Shirley in a close-fought doubles match before losing to Nelson and Gary in their second game.  They're definitely good players and are welcome anytime.

In the other news from Sunday's play. The W-S Parks and Rec people are making good progress on our new terrain-- good enough that we actually played a coupe of games there on Sunday.  First game winners were Nelson and Bob over Joseph and Gary.  Congratulations!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Groundbreaking at last!

After playing at Griffith Park on Wednesday morning, having heard from Rom that they have now broken ground for our dedicated area at Miller Park, Shirley and I drove by to see for ourselves.  It looks as though they're starting with the approximately 48' x 48' we had asked for, but they've only done rough grading at this point.  We'll be checking frequently as things progress.

New starting time for Wednesday play

We chose to move up the starting time for Wednesday morning play at Griffith Park in Winston-Salem to 9:00 AM in an attempt to beat the summer heat by finishing play at lunch time when the courts REALLY start to heat up.  No one would accuse it of being too cool at 9:00, even with the three E-Z UP type sun shelters and one umbrella at the picnic table; but, hey, it's summertime-- whaddaya gonna do?

Bocce court play at Miller Park

We're still playing on the bocce courts at Miller Park in Winston-Salem as we wait for them to begin construction of our new, dedicated petanque area any day now.  The bocce courts are starting to settle a little more each time we play there, but they're still too soft and powdery to suit us.  Can't wait for PETANQUE terrain!

Again at the Jones house

We had such a good time playing at our place on Friday night that we decided to do it all over again on Saturday night.  We had a dozen players, so we had to play in the driveway courts as well as the backyard terrain.  (Nelson and Khalid look so happy because, after holding our own until the score reached 8-8, Shirley and I had just lost to them.)

Friday night

We had about fifteen at our house for burgers, dogs, and petanque on Friday night.  Sorry for the blurry pictures.  Time to upgrade Shirley's camera?