Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Memories

Results from the 6 Ball Tournament on Saturday at Zanesfield Petanque Club:
Kristi Bunn and Bo Edwards had the best Carolina Petanque finish in yesterday's "6-ball" tournament. They played well all day and ended up in 4th place (of a twelve team field). Shirley/Shannon (ZPC), Kirk/Parker, and Gary/Donnie also made the Concours cut-off (eight teams), but none of them managed to make it to the semi-finals.
Champions: Driss and Kader (both ZPC)
Runner-up: Josh (ZPC)
Third place: Ziggy and Bo Johns (both ZPC)
Consolante winners: Larry and Lori Beth (Boules de Leon)

Results from the Select Doubles Tournament on Sunday at Zanesfield Petanque Club:

Champions: Nawfal and Mohamed (both ZPC}
Runners-up: Shannon and Bo (both ZPC)
Third: Mohamed Boulahoual and Josh (both ZPC)
Consolante winners: Kirk and Parker (both Carolina Petanque)
Consolante 2nd place: Bo and Kristi (both Carolina Petanque)

Shirley and Cruz (both Carolina Petanque) made the Concours cut-off but lost to Mohamed and Josh in the quarter finals. Don E. Baker (Carolina Petanque) and Ron Walls (ZPC) made the Concours cut-off but lost to Shannon and Bo (Johns) in the quarter finals.

Carolina Petanque had nine members (Cruz, Kristi, Kirk, Bo, Parker, Donnie, Shirley, Gary, and Bob) present in Ohio over the weekend. Cruz did not play on Saturday. Gary did not play on Sunday. Bob was unable to play either day due to a conflict with his 50th anniversary college reunion, but he arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed over for social play on Monday.
The Zanesfield Memorial Day weekend festivities include the Logan Hills Festival, a Native American Pow-Wow and historical re-creation, and has to be one of the most festive petanque tournaments in the United States. We suggest you add it to your MUST list!