Friday, July 20, 2018

Edwards Family Vacation

I'm sure many of you have been following Kirk, Bo, and Parker through FACEBOOK postings of Kirk and Bo, but some of you may not have seen theses pics I borrowed from FB. They made petanque a huge part of their European trip-- playing in the Marseillaise tournament in France was certainly one of the highlights/ Parker continued to wow with the skills he has at such a young age. He, Axel, and Ugo finished in the top 16 teams in the junior division!

Charlotte French Festival 2018

Winner of the petanque scoring skills contest--Paul

Second place--Gail

Third place--Honor
Carolina Petanque's Jeanne Morel produced the second annual Charlotte French Festival and it was another big success. It appeared that attendance was up considerably form 2017. Petanque was one of the featured events. We had social pay, instruction, and a scoring skills contest from about 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. It was really hot, but many of the group were there from morning until evening.

Great job, Jeanne! Special thanks to Shirley, Marc, and Juan for their help in running the skills contest.

BTW: France won the World Cup of Soccer by 4-2 over Croatia. Only fitting for French Festival day.

On our western USA trip

Williams, AZ--7/5/18

Williams was our  home base for visiting the Grand Canyon. We took a train ride to and from the canyon and we only had to walk from our campground to the depot to do it,

Las Vegas, NV-- 7/1/2018

The thermometer in the cab of our truck

Fillmore, Utah-- 6/29/2018

Fillmore was just a rest stop between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Its current attraction is as a destination for off-road 4-wheelers. They were in abundance and licensed for highway driving.

Salt Lake City, Utah-- 6/27/2018

We found some players in Salt Lake City and had an enjoyable afternoon playing in the shaded walkways of Library Square.

Livingston, MT-- 6/24/2018

We had a really nice home base near Livingston from which to explore Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone's Edge Campground is a nice place and accessible for day trips to the park.