Thursday, July 13, 2017


Great group of people at the Gibraltar P├ętanque Association! Our third time visiting and it feels like coming home to family. Thanks for hosting a wonderful evening and we hope to see you next year!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Xavier Grandjean

Great fun yesterday at Miller Park in Winston-Salem. Cherri brought a birthday cake to celebrate club members who'll be reaching milestones in July:

Shirley-- 7/13
Rebekah-- 7/14
Rom-- 7/22
Gary-- 7/26
Earl Lich-- 7/29

Thanks, Cherri!

Also, we had an unexpected visitor from Dallas, Texas. Xavier Grandjean from the Dallas Petanque Club looked on the internet to find play in the Carolinas when he found himself in Winston-Salem on business.

He played all afternoon and we were very happy to have him. It was obvious from the start that he's a seasoned player. We found that we have quite a few friends in common as the Dallas club, which we've not yet visited, plays often with the Austin crowd where we do play frequently. And, of course, we know Jeanne-Marie Browning of the Dallas club who we recently played with in Zanesfield, Ohio.

Here is an excerpt from an email Xavier sent us this evening:

"Could you please add me to your distribution list? I will be in town this week and next until Wednesday night, then flying to France to visit family and practice petanque of course! Starting mid of August, I will be here almost every week until the end of the year."

Good news!

After the storms

The Morganton area got more heavy thunderstorms during the night on Friday. so we were anxious to see what the terrain would look like. As I mentioned in a previous post, the courts drain very well, but the torrents are doing erosion damage in several places. As you can see from the pictures above, there will have to be some channeling of the runoffs that protects the courts infrastructure. We'll keep you posted.


After Wednesday in Winston-Salem and Thursday in Morganton, we traveled to Asheville on Friday afternoon to play with the group there. They currently have two courts, with more to come as the new restaurant progresses.

Michel, Bill, Rick, Jordan, Shannon, Lindsey, Mark, and Jerry welcomed Steve, Jane, Danny, Sue, Shirley, and myself with fun play and an impromptu cookout. Really good sausages, guys! We'll definitely try to make the trip from time to time and are happy that there crowd seems to be well established already.