Sunday, February 4, 2018

After the Grand Games

We went to lunch after Saturday morning's fun demo (see the previous post), after which we reconvened at Miller Park for impromptu Saturday afternoon play. Seven of us, including Eliza, who was a walk-up, played from about one o'clock to five o'clock.

With the forecast for rain on Sunday, it was a good chance to get in some weekend play.

Grand Games

Bob, Fred, Gail, Shirley, and I spent Saturday morning at the Winston-Salem Miller Park Center helping with the Grand Games that are part of the kick-offs for 2018 Piedmont Senior Games. Using a couple of sets of the soft-vinyl petanque boules designed for kids and/or indoor play, we let Grandparents team with Grandchildren in one of the day's five competitions-- petanque pointing.

In addition to basketball shooting, football tossing, shuffleboard, and cornhole, petanque was included this year for the first time. It was fun helping the kids and showing everyone how petanque is scored. We set a jack about seven meters away from the throwing circle with a boule about a half meter in front of it. We then allowed a Grandparent six boules and also the grndkid six boules to see how many points they could make by beating the boule resting in front.

With a possibility of accumulating twelve points, we had two teams score nine! Pretty good for kids and grandparents alike. It was harder than it probably sounds because the "boules" were not very close to being round and difficult to roll in a straight line.

Everyone seemed to have fun trying though.


Last week Luis Matta and I played in Charlotte on Kings Dr on the greenway. Do you know the place? We invited friends (Pender and Patti Murphy) who had never played. We then went out for dinner. We bought coffee at Dunkin Donuts across the street to start. We are going to start playing when the mood hits and the weather agrees. Fun! 

Anna Gallant Carter

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Seniors learning the game

Roberta, James, Francis

Regular Wednesday afternoon play at Miller Park saw three of our recent contacts at the 2018 Senior Games Kick-off Event turn out to play. Troy, Francis, and Roberta joined us to learn a little bit about how to play. The day was rather cold with temps just about reaching 50F when we started play, so we were happy that our "newbies" braved the wind and coolness and showed up anyway.

We're going to have a tournament on May 9th (that's a Wednesday) as an official event in the 2018 edition of Senior Games, so we're hoping to recruit a few more new players to compete.

Shirley is sending out information on the games to those in our group who are eligible for the event and we'll make the details available as we're able to finalize them.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

KOA in St. Petersburg

Rusty and Marcia sent along a picture of the petanque courts at the St. Petersburg KOA where they spend their winters in an RV camper to get away from NC mountain winter weather at their Deep Gap home.

Isn't retired life wonderful!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Khalid came over to Lexington last evening and brought with him a friend who had just moved to Charlotte, NC, from Morocco. Abdallah Smahi is Carolina Petanque's newest member and we welcome him to our country, our state, and our club.

Shirley and I took on Khalid and Abdallah on our home terrain. We had two long and interesting games and managed to squeak out a couple of wins against a very good team. Abdallah is an excellent plombe pointer and a good shooter as well. We look forward to many more chances to play with him in the Carolinas.


Tom and Carol in Germany

Thanks to Christoph Mueller for the picture of Tom, Carol, Christoph, and others in a German newspaper.
On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 11:48 AM, Carol wrote:

30 January 2018

We played Petanque in Germany on Saturday, and we received this afternoon the copy of the article in today’s local Schopfheim newspaper.  

So, we made the news in Germany, and it is not “fake news.”
Love you all, Tom and Carol