Monday, April 14, 2014

Two new members and 27 others!

The attendance at Sunday's Miller Park petanque play made it look as though we were having a tournament, but it was just a regular social-play event.  Joining in the fun were Bo, Brittany, Catherine, Cheryl, Danny, Faye, Fred, Gail, Gary, James, Jean, Joe, Jon, Joseph, Junior, Khalid, Kirk, Nelson, Parker, Rebekah, Robert, Rom, Ronnie, Samantha, Sean, Shirley, Sue D, Sue W, and Terry. 

Cheryl and Robert ("Stump") submitted their membership applications to push our number of FPUSA members to 50 for the first time ever!  It looks as though it's going to be a great year for Carolina Petanque!
Cheryl Morrison
Robert "Stump" Morrison

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's play:

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Bob Benbow
Betty, Alan, Bill, Bob, and Sally

Crystal, Audrie, Jo, Julian, Dot, and Betty

Nice court!

Attentive audience

Bill's right on the pig!

Alan and Bill

Talking rules with Betty

Bob and Reba

We got an e-mail from Philippe at Petanque America a week or so ago suggesting that we make acquaintance with someone in Greensboro to whom Philippe had recently shipped some boules.  I sent Bob Benbow an e-mail introducing myself and hinting that Shirley and I would like to come over and play with him and his group sometime.

That same day, Shirley received a call back from Bob and the two of them talked for what must have been close to an hour.  Can you imagine Shirley talking on the phone for JUST an hour!?

Anyway, Bob was gracious enough to extend an invitation for us to come over soon, and yesterday was the day we went.  Bob and his wife, Reba, are residents of a retirement complex on New Garden road that was established by the Friends (Quakers).  It's a lovely complex with lots of open spaces and beautiful landscaping.  The common areas are immaculate and well-maintained.  It seemed to be just teeming with happy, smiling people.

We met several of them on the booce court (henceforth to be the bocce/petanque court!), and proceeded to go through a short spiel about the general rules and customs of petanque for those who had no previous exposure to our game.  Bob let us sort of run the show, even though he's a long-time player and would have been perfectly capable of doing so himself. 

We had a great time and enjoyed instructing and assisting as Bill, Alan, and Sally took on Dot, Crystal, and Audrie.  Some of them had never played before, but Bob is hoping to make petanque a regular event along with bocce. 

Thanks, Bob, for a wonderful day.  (Thanks for a great lunch, too!)  We look forward to coming back again soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Second Time for Wednesday Play

Morning Rations
Welcome back, Joe!

Two courts of play

The Ricardos

We welcomed Joe Harrington, from the local Miller Park neighborhood, back for the first time in ages.  Joe hadn't lost much of his pointing touch to have been away so long.  He just said life's been busy, but he was glad to be back.

Marc and Augustin drove over from Hickory for the second Wednesday morning in a row.  Everyone is thrilled that Augustin is feeling well enough to play after recent health problems.

Rom, Bob, Nelson, and Rebekah were other W-S locals showing up for play.  Shirley and I drove up from Lexington to round out the morning group.

By the way, thanks to Rebekah who, as a W-S resident,  accompanied Shirley to a Tuesday morning meeting with Mr. Royston of the Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department.  The meeting was called in order for Carolina Petanque to put forth a list of suggested improvements and to thank the parks people for their support of our group.  We hope to have a few upgrades to announce soon.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Biggest crowd of the year?

We had a really nice turnout yesterday at Miller Park.  Bo and Parker even drove down from Spruce Pine to play!  Two new players tried our game.  Robert (Stump) and Cheryl brought their daughter, Nicole.  And Nelson's friend, Sean, was there for the first time.
Parker and Bo
Nelson with Nicole
Sean McNamara standing  in background

Mother Cheryl with daughter Nicole

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Carolina in Springtime

Great Saturday at the Quilici residence in Hickory, NC!  Thanks, Augustin and Susanne (you too, Marc), for inviting the group for pizza and petanque.