Monday, October 26, 2020

Rainy day at Miller Park


Yesterday. Rom showed up just as we were about to give up on having any foul-weather players, so the three of us got in a couple of very competitive games with me playing six boules against the Rom/Shirley team. A little mist for the first fifteen minutes or so, but no precipitation after that.

--Gary, Shirley (and Rom)

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sunday at miller Park


Beautiful autumn weather, but a small turnout of only five players for Sunday afternoon play.

Attending: Gail, Rom, Barb, Shirley, Gary

Nevin Park-- our first play there since Covid began


Parker with Guillaume and his son

Kirk, Parker, Bo, Ed, Leonard, and James

Ola in the foreground

James on the right

Kathy and Leonard

We had a good turnout of sixteen players at Nevin Park in Charlotte on October 17 for third Saturday play. Masks and distancing were the order of the day as the nation is not yet out of the woods re Covid-19 concerns.

We were extremely happy to have four new players join us for their first time playing in Charlotte. As a matter of fact, for three players it was their first time playing-- full stop.

Ola, our visitor from Belarus (!), had played in her homeland but participated with our group for the first time. James, Leonard, and Kathy were all new to the game.

Attending: James, Ola, Kathy, Leonard, Denyse, Ed, Anne, Kirk, Bo, Parker, Adballah, Khalid, Guillaume (&son), Shirley, and Gary

October 10, 2020-- Greensboro, NC


We tried playing at Tanger Gardens in Greensboro for the first time since our return to social play due to Covid-19 concerns. Unfortunately, the weather chose not to cooperate. Shirley and I looked the place over and quickly realized that the terrain was too soft, with puddles in several areas, and we could not reasonably play-- even if the rain should subside.

We hope to try again soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Rusty and Marcia


Marcia and Rusty

Winston-Salem-- home of Krispy Kreme!


Rusty, Carol, Tom, and Rom

We had a Wednesday morning play session at Miller Park in Winston-Salem to say temporary good-byes to our Deep Gap members Rusty and Marcia Reed. They are relocating to the Si. Petersburg area of Florida. We certainly expect to see them frequently in the future, both back in the Carolinas and in Florida.

Turning out on a weekday morning were Rusty, Marcia, Tom, Carol, Patrick, Gail, John, Gary, Shirley, Rom, Khalid, Preston, and Fred.