Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sunshowers and snowshowers

Stormy skies

Look closely-- snow flakes!

Shirley's shadow!
Wonderful day of play yesterday. Sun. Cold wind. Clouds. Snow. Sun again. Cold wind to end the day. Great!

Rainy days and Sundays

We had six for Sunday play at Miller Park despite the fact that a driving rain had been present for most of the morning. It was still raining when we arrived at the park at 1:00 PM, but it stopped about fifteen minutes later and we were able to start playing immediately. Thank goodness (and the contractors!) for great drainage on our now-not-so-new courts.

Deck the boules...

Our hostess
...and host (with Wade)

Bo and Kirk invited us to their Spruce Pine home on December 1, to get the holiday season started. Though the weather outside was frightening, the Edwardses were still inviting and we managed to have a great time. Some visited and played in the rain-- some just visited. John Gantt and Steve showed up with Wade, so he was the center of attention for quite a few, Shirley among them.

It was nice to see a few people that we had not seen in a while. That adds a lot of meaning to the phrase "Happy Holidays!"

One more November session at Miller Park

...a bright, bright sunshiny day. Wednesday play.

November's final Sunday-- at Miller Park

Shirley making friends with a dog walker's charge

Where did November go? You just turn around after Amelia and it's gone.