Monday, February 1, 2016

Playing at Miller Park in near-perfect petanque weather

Losing team: Shirley, Gary, and Kirk   Winning team: James, Fred, and Kerry!

Yesterday's crowd gives us reason to hope for even better attendance in 2016 on Sundays at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC. In addition to a good turnout from many of our regulars, we had two different groups of walk-ups with young children who were eager to learn the basics of the game. Shirley and Kirk worked with the youngsters and were encouraged by their easy grasp of the basics.

The club officers held their first ever "official" board meeting since we completed the organization papers in the latter part of last year. Kirk (President), Shirley (Vice-President), Rebekah (Sport Director), Gary (Sec/Treas), and Bob (President Emeritus) had a discussion of approximately 45 minutes relating to some of the issues and opportunities for 2016. More new later on that front.

"New" faces!

We had a really nice turnout at Nevin Park in Charlotte on Saturday. Everyone was thrilled to see Susanne Quilici for the first time in ages. In addition, Tom and Carol Cearley reappeared after a long absence and a months long trip to France. The same was true of Philippe and Jeanne Trochard. They also spent a good deal of 2015 in France.

Since Rebekah has recruited Denyse Haney to be Carolina Petanque's point-of-contact person for Charlotte (thanks, Denyse!), we expect a lot more play in the Charlotte area (and maybe SC too) in the coming months. Shirley and I are committed to join in whenever we're in the Carolinas. We hope to garner more recruits from Charlotte's Alliance Francaise as well.

The terrains remain too soft for good petanque, but we hope to improve upon their current condition with the return of dryer and warmer weather.

Friday, January 22, 2016

People we really miss...

Joseph Kilpatrick
Augustin Quilici
Tammy Hendrix
John Hayes
Rest in Peace.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Playing with the kids

While we were in Texas over the holiday season, one of our granddaughters, Maeve, was doing a third-grade poster and class presentation on a country of her choice and she picked France. She and her mom came up with the idea of asking Maeve's teacher if it would be okay for her grandparent's to have a short training session for the kids of one of France's popular pasttimes-- petanque!

So, on Thursday, December 17, 2015, Shirley and I loaded up our truck with our paraphernalia and joined Maeve and her classmates at West Cypress Hills Elementary School in Spicewood, Texas.

It was a lot of fun letting the kids throw a few boules and we enjoyed it just as much as they did, I'm sure!

While we were away...


Mary Ellen and Matt-- new plauers from the Meet-up group

At the same time Shirley and I were playing in Austin, Texas, there was play by other Carolina Petanque members back in North Carolina. Here are a few pictures Rebekah sent of 1/10/2016 play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem. Since the pictures show play on the bocce courts instead of the petanque terrain, I'm guessing that snow/rain events in the Carolinas must have left the petanque area in unplayable conditions. We're still hoping for some improvements to our area by the Parks and Rec people come springtime.

Last Texas play this trip

January 10/2016, a Sunday, was our last chance to play petanque with our Texas friends this trip. We always enjoy the Texas gang and look forward to seeing them again in the spring.