Monday, July 21, 2014

Live from New York...

Damien Duchamp
Sonja Gill
Augustin and Susanne catching up a little with Fred

Tom and Carol with visiting grandchildren from Texas

Putting the club's new junior boules to good use!

We were happy to have Damien Duchamp from Brooklyn (La Boule New Yorkaise), along with his lovely girlfriend, Sonja Gill,  visit us on Sunday.  Damien and Sonja recently played in the Bastille Day tournament in New York and are now visiting a few days with family in Raleigh.  Damien contacted the club looking for weekend play in Raleigh, but I steered him towards Winston-Salem as the closest place guaranteed to have play on Sunday.

We also had a couple of young visitors from even further away-- Tom and Carol's granddaughters were in town from Houston, Texas.  Great-grandparents, Ronnie and Faye Rierson, were thrilled to see the girls and Faye spent a little time showing them how to throw the boules.  The club had only recently acquired some new La Franc Junior Boules from Philippe at Petanque America and was able to put them to good use for the first time on Sunday. 

Augustin and Susanne Quilici were there, too!  Everyone was very happy to see Augustin looking and playing well since he's been battling illness for quite a while now and has not been able to play often.  His pointing form was top-notch on Sunday, and he even seemed to be well on his way to regaining his shooting ability.  He's a better shooter at 3/4 speed than many in our club are at 100%!

The O'Briens Reunite!

Terry and Sue Wien hosted a family reunion for Sue's extended family over the weekend. Sue was an O'Brien by birth and grew up in a large Irish-Catholic family.  Many of them were able to make the journey to High Rock Lake in Lexington, North Carolina.  Petanque was one of the various activities planned to entertain the crowd.  Shirley and I were happy to be included.  Thanks, Sue.  (and Terry!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bastille Weekend

Kirk Edwards Fish Restaurant in Charleston SC. We were invited to teach and demonstrate petanque to the attendees of their Bastille Day festival; complete with a storming of the Bastille, Can-can girls, Princes and Patriots dinner, the King and Marie Antoinette were in attendance. The court was a little short but we had a great time and lots of people now know about petanque.

I swiped these pictures from Facebook, so I hope the Edwards clan doesn't mind me sharing their Bastille Day trip to Charleston, SC, with the group!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shirley's Birthday!

Shirley celebrated her xxth birthday by doing what she does so often and so well these days, playing petanque.  We had a good turnout, good food, nice gifts, wonderful birthday cakes, and people we love to be around.  Rebekah made the centerpiece cake.  Beautiful AND delicious!

Thanks so much to all our petanque friends for making it a great day.  Luv ya guys!!!

PS: TODAY (Monday) is Rebekah's birthday!  Hope she's having a lovely time with Nelson and her Mom and Dad who are visiting.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Best turnout of the year?

Ronnie and Faye Rierson
Nelson on grill duty
Food line
Today's sponsor
Sean, Tom, Lenora, and Sue
Linda, Carol. and Al
Rebekah and Tom with Chuck of Parks&Rec


Stump, Gary, Gail, Cheryl

Another view
A big Carolina Petanque thanks to Ronnie and Faye Rierson for sponsoring a post-Fourth of July cookout at Miller Park (2500 Queen St) in Winston-Salem yesterday.  I think our head count was 27 people in attendance.  Not bad for a hot day in July when many of our regulars were traveling!

Alex Canesse, son of Freddy Canesse and nephew of Gilles Canesse (two very-well-known names in US petanque) joined our group for the first time AND joined the club!  Welcome, Alex.