Tuesday, October 17, 2017

5th Annual Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament

10/23/2016-- Bo Johns and Mohamed Boulahoual
10/25/2015-- Mohamed Boulahoual and Bo Johns
10/26/2014-- Alex Canesse and Juan Garcia
10/27/2013-- Augustin Quilici and Khalid Mesbah
Coming up this weekend is the 5th Annual Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament at 15 Paul Beck Rd, Lexington, NC. This year, for the first time, we are playing the tournament the weekend before the Lexington Barbecue Festival instead of the same weekend as the festival.

Though scheduling required us to make the change this year, it will allow us to expand our tournament into a two-day affair for the first time. Qualifying play begins at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning, with the last of five qualifying rounds taking place at 9;00 AM on Sunday morning. Two single-elimination tournaments-- Concours and Consolante-- will conclude Sunday's play.

Pictured above are previous winners of the event. As you can see, we will have the possibility of a "three-peat" this year as the Zanesfield (Ohio) Petanque Club team of Mohamed Boulahoual and Justin Bo Johns tries to defend the title that they have held for the last two years. Will they be able to make it three in a row?

The McCabes

Lydia, Tony, and Isabelle

We got a nice surprise on Sunday when our daughter's best friend since middle school, Lydia McCabe, showed up at Miller Park in Winston-Salem along with her husband Tony and daughter Isabelle. Though they didn't have time to stay and play, Tony plays league soccer on Sundays, it was good to see them for the first time in quite a while.

Pamela Gaio, a frequent player at Nevin Park in Charlotte, made her first trip over to play with us in Winston-Salem. We look forward to continuing to play with her anywhere her schedule allows.

Nevin Park tuneup for Lexington

Eric's Mom

This month's play at Nevin Park in Charlotte was held on the second Saturday instead of the third to accommodate all those who will be playing in the 5th Annual Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament this Saturday and Sunday. Among those attending in Charlotte who will be playing in Lexington were Khalid, Nelson, Rebekah, Bob, Kirk, Bo, Shirley, Frank, Denyse, Fred, Jerome, Jeanne, Rick, and Maggie. Good luck to all!

Edwards teams

Kirk, Bo, and Parker joined us for Thursday evening play in Morganton. Bo and Parker will be playing together this Saturday and Sunday in the 5th Annual Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament at Finch Park in Lexington. Kirk will be playing with Michel from Asheville.

News from Puerto Rico

Rusty and Mary Jo

Mary Jo Wilson showed up for Wednesday play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem and reported that her husband, John Wilson, thinks his assignment with the American Red Cross assisting the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico is drawing to a close. He specifically told her that he hopes to make it home to Greensboro in time to play in the Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament coming up this Saturday and Sunday at Finch Park in Lexington. We hope so too!

Look who's back!

Terry and Sue are in town for our Lexington Barbecue Festival Petanque Tournament. Everyone was thrilled to see them again at Miller Park. "Seems like old times," Fred said.

Grandmother Jane


John and Amber's recent arrival, Wade, joined us at the Catawba River Soccer Complex petanque terrain when Daddy John brought him out to give Amber a break. Grandmother Jane was more than willing to entertain Wade while John, Granddad Steve, and the rest of us played.