Saturday, June 2, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Sunday "Twist" Doubles

Ron and Donnie

Kirk and Jeanne-Marie

Shannon and Shirley

Mitch and Ziggy

Shirley, Shannon, Mitch, Ziggy, Gregory, Cruz

 Sunday's "Twist" (must have a different partner than Saturday) Doubles

Champions- Ziggy and Mitch
Silver- Shannon and Shirley
Bronze- Greg and Cruz


Winners- Kirk and Jeanne-Marie
Silver- Donnie and Ron
Bronze (shared)- Jack and Juanita; Maggie and Rick

Saturday Doubles

Danny, Donnie, Lori Beth, Ziggy, Shannon, Ed

Marcia, Shirley

Jack, Juanita


Saturday Doubles

Champions- Lori Beth and Ziggy
Runners-up- Shannon and Ed
Bronze- Danny and Donnie


Winners- Jack and Juanita
Runners-up- Marcia and Shirley

Shooting Contest


Friday Panache

Ed, Daniel, Loren, Larry, Rick, Danny

Larry, Ziggy, Donnie


Friday afternoon's event was a Triples Panache where you play with different partners each of three rounds.After the three qualifying rounds, the top three qualifiers team up to play the #4 through #6 qualifiers in the Championship Finals.
The Blue Family Triples Panache (we had 28 players):
After the panache, there was a pointing contest, open to everyone. 
Oswald K. Reames Pointing contest:
Don E. Baker-Carolina Petanque
Larry Creasy- Boules de Leon