Friday, October 10, 2014


We had a very welcome surprise visitor at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Wednesday morning.  Fred Marchant, one of our best and most dedicated players, has been missing-in-action from our petanque group for a while now as he recovers from recent surgery.  He walked up looking fit and well as several of us played in our Wednesday session.  We hope he's ready to play in just a few more weeks.

Rusty and Marcia were down from their Deep Gap mountain home and managed to swing by for a game.  Marcia informs that they have had several neighbors playing of late on their home court.  We need to get back that way soon.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nine at Nevin

Four of our Lincolnton members made the drive over to Nevin Park in Charlotte to join Frank, Denyse, Khalid, Shirley, and myself for a Monday morning session of play.

Spirited, fun play.

The good folks at Nevin Parks and Recreation have added a lot of loose gravel screenings to the courts at Nevin in an attempt to make them look nicer as part of a spruce-up program.  Unfortunately, the very soft courts don't work that well for petanque.  We spent a lot of time pushing loose top-dressing down to one end of the court with a contractor's rake.  We managed to get the courts in a semi-playable condition, but they were still really too soft.  Maybe they'll settle a little with time; otherwise, we'll just have to remember to bring the rake!

Earl and Pam

Our Texas friends, Earl and Pam Lovell, passed through North Carolina on their way to Virginia for their son's wedding next weekend.  We were glad to have them spend one night at our place and play with the group at Miller Park on Sunday.

We had a nice turnout with most of the regulars plus Danny, Sue, Kirk. Bo, and Parker down from the NC mountains.

Shirley's new boules got a debut and she seemed to be happy with them. 

Beautiful time of the year in the Carolinas!  Didn't even have to set up umbrellas to be comfortable.

Walt wins again!

Walt Elder, left, and Peter Gray won Saturday's Heart of Texas Paggi Square Doublette in Austin, Texas.  Walt also recently won the Zaytouna Lounge doubles tournament.  Carolina Petanque is on a roll in Texas!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Louisiana visitor

Our friend Mike Owens from Bogalusa, Louisiana, played with us at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Wednesday morning.  That's him sitting on the bench in the photo above.  Six of us played triples.  Bob/Joseph/Gary defeated Shirley/Mike/Preston three out of four games. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winston-Salem on Sunday


We had ten people at Miller Park today:  Nelson, Rebekah, Gail, Rom, Joseph, Bob, Terry, Preston, Sherry, and a new player named Marci.  We have Sherry to thank for recruiting Marci, both of whom (along with Preston) are now connected to petanque via .  In addition, we had two people walk up who were interested in learning more about playing, so I gave them the e-mail address to sign up for  updates.  

Sherry, Terry, and Preston continued their streak of playing well for having played for such a short time, and Marci picked the game up quickly.  

Later in the afternoon, a woman named Mireille (pronounced "mee-ray") stopped by (from  She is French and lives in Winston-Salem. She wasn't interested in playing, but was happy to see an aspect of French culture and speak French with someone.  She is very, very nice and I think she would enjoy meeting other French speaking people in our group.   

I gave Preston the Carolina Petanque e-mail address.  He is interested in more opportunities to practice/play during the week.  Are we playing this Wednesday?  If we do, Nelson said he can do it if play begins at 10 (his classes begin earlier on Monday and Wednesday).

I'll send you photos tomorrow a.m.


Regarding Rebekha's question about Wednesday play, we are playing Wednesday morning October 1st at 10:00 AM at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC. (2500 Queen Street)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First time back at Miller Park

We had a turnout of around twenty-two players at 2500 Queen St in Winston-Salem, NC, on Sunday.  We were particularly happy to have Catherine back for the first time in a while.  Also, Preston returned to play again. Neal joined us for the first time after seeing Rebekah's MEET UP post.  And Jay, who reappeared after playing with us many months ago, brought his girlfriend Amber out for her first exposure to the game.

Please remember Fred in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from recent minor surgery.  We'll look forward to his return soon.