Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New pictures from France

Thanks to Tom and Carol for the new pictures of their play while in France!

Oh La La Complete Results

                  I wanted to let you know the results of our March 1st Doubles Tournament. First it was a huge success, everyone from what I was told truly enjoyed themselves.
                   I also would like to give a special thanks to Rich, Steve, Carla, and Christine for conducting a smooth and well run event. And A special thanks to Jud and Arlette with them dealing with Jud's mother who had a triple heart bypass they were able to help and get things done.
The tournament had 28 teams that came from:
Boca Petanque 2000
Boulesdeleon St. Augustine
Carolina Petanque
Manasota Boules
Ohlala Orange City Pentanque Association
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Orlando Pentanque
Talahasee (Boulesdeleon St. Augustine)
It was a fantastic mix of people and great fun.
Winners of the Concourse
1st Place
Boca Petanque 2000
Bernard Martin
Yanick Laulhe   
2nd Place
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Gilles Canesse
Roger Arpaia       
3rd Place
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Richard Symmans
Brock Symmans
Winners of the Consulate
1st Place
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Chubby Misra
Walter Martinez
2nd Place
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Carla Houser
Daniel Houser
3rd Place
Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association
Corey Milliord
Frank Guzman
                                   I want to give my thanks to all that attended and giving their support to our club by attending this tournament. I hope that you all will return for the March 29 SE Inter-Regional Men and Women Singles Tournament.
                                     And again to the board for doing an outstanding job for this tournament.
                                        Everyone have a great day,
                                          Frank Guzman
                                            Ohlala Orlando Pentanque Association  
Pictures courtesy of Hank Rouland:


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yanick Laulhe and Bernard Martin win at Oh La La

L to R: Gilles, Yanick, Bernard, Roger

Yanick Laulhe and Bernard Martin defeated Gilles Canesse and Roger Arpaia to win today's select doubles tournament at the Oh La La Petanque Club in Sanford, Florida.

Carolina Petanque sent three teams to the tournament.  The Carolina teams of Bo and Parker Edwards, Danny and Sue Daniels, and Gary and Shirley Jones each won two and lost one in the qualifying rounds.  That was good enough to get them in the Concours (Championship) bracket.  The field of 28 teams saw 16 teams go to the Concours and 12 teams go to the Consolante (Consolation) brackets.

All three Carolina teams lost in the round of 16 to put an early end to hopes of moving on to the quarter finals.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday in the Rain

Lori Beth and Larry
Suzanne and Marie


Stan's unique shooting style

Mary Poppins?

Sue D.

With Danny D.

Check out the terrain!

Look closely at the lines to get an idea of the slopes

Richard of Oh La La
Maybe the fact that it's raining here in Sanford, Florida, will make our friends back in the snowy Carolinas a little less jealous of our vacation days and our visit over to see our good friends at Oh La La Petanque Club.

But, it's supposed to be around or above 80F here tomorrow for the doubles tournament-- even though there's still a likelihood of rain.  We may be wet, but we won't be cold!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


The temperatures never got out of the low 30s, so only five of us managed to make it out to play on Sunday at Terry and Sue's place.  Lexington residents--  Terry, Sue, Shirley, and I -- were joined by Fred from Winston-Salem.  No one else braved the cold.  It seems as though the weather is the main focus of every gathering this time of year in the Carolinas.  Guess it's time for our (nearly) annual late winter getaway to Florida!

Our new 2015 Sport Director, Rebekah Ricardo, will be hosting play for the next six weeks or so.  Go out and give her your support.

Gary and Shirley