Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Zanesfield, Ohio

Bo Johns' creation

Kirk, Bo, and Parker traveled up to Zanesfield to play with ZPC over the weekend. Open Select Doubles. Good results for Garolina Petanque as Kirk/Bo ended up tying Parker/Mitch for the third place bronze.

ZPC president, Lucy Johns, with Naoufal, Driss, Sidi, and Mohamed-- Silver and Gold medalists

Stay-at-Home play

Though it's far from the same thing as we're used to, we've tried to keep our hand in the game by playing against each other on our backyard court. We play six-boule-singles so that each of us gets some practice at both pointing and shooting. We've logged over 80 games since beginning on the first of April. Our beneral practice is to limit play to two games per day, but we don't miss many days playing.

Looking forward to social play again soon.

Life in the time of Corona

Though Shirley and I have yet to rejoin the group for social play, a few members have been practicing modified play, with social distancing, at Miller Park.

We may try playing on June 7. To be determined.

New at Miller Park

rubberized surface

needed attention

Shirley and I drove up to Winston-Salem on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, to meet with Parks and Rec manager Chuck Vestal and get our first look at the new exercise facility AARP (American Association of Retired People) has granted the city. Unfortunately for petanque in the Carolina, the area chosen necessitated doing away with one of our three terrains.

This means that we now have, at least for the present, only eight courts at Miller Park-- down from twelve. It also means that we no longer have courts in direct sunlight for winter cold-weather play. Chuck says they're going to try giving us back three of the four courts we lost, but no construction is scheduled before at least July.

It remains to be seen whether we'll be able to have Mid-America Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles on the same day as we have for the past two years. Not enough courts, most likely.

To be continued.

SE Regional Triples (Men's and Women's)

Mary, Sue, and Patricia (BRONZE)




Southeast Regional Women's Triples
March 1, 2020
Sylvan Lake Park, Sanford, FL

Number of teams: 7
Number to concours: 7
Number to consolante: 0

1st — Honor Woodward (Carolina Petanque), Jeanne-Marie Browning (Dallas PC), Songmi Keating (Amelia Island Boules)
2nd — Michelle Dygon (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Gerd Claessens (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Erika Nielsen (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)
3rd — Sue Wien (Carolina Petanque), Mary Wien (Carolina Petanque), Patricia Berube (Boules de Leon PC)
4th — Michele Torboli (Boules de Leon PC ), Ana Quintana (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Linda Kulenbec (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)

Southeast Regional Men's Triples
March 1, 2020
Sylvan Lake Park, Sanford, FL

Number of teams: 12
Number to concours: 8
Number to consolante: 4

1st — Philippe Tripoul (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Chris Tripoul (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Jon Claessens (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)
2nd — Gary Jones (Carolina Petanque), Danny Daniels (Carolina Petanque), Rick Sweeney (Carolina Petanque)
3rd — Stefan Nicolas (South Florida PC), Fabian Nicolas (South Florida PC), Bernard Martin (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)
4th — Christian Cazenave (South Florida PC), Axel Cazenave (South Florida PC), Frederic Penaranda (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)

1st — Juan Garcia (Miami Petanque), Alex Canesse (Tampa Boules Club), Gilles Canesse (Manasota Boules)
2nd — Alain Girard (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Jud Rogers (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn), Frank Guzman (Oh-Lá-Lá Pétanque Assn)
3rd — Terry Wien (Carolina Petanque), Larry Creasey (Boules de Leon), Cary Wien (Carolina Petanque)
4th — Al  Davison (Classic City PC), Frank Klonowski (Classic City PC), Dennis Hammond (Boules de Leon PC)