Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pictures from New Mexico- Sunday

Champions Pouplot and Hammouchane of Canada
Bo Johns and Trey Brown

Richard Trani and Redouane Hammouchane

Rick Armstrong and Arsene Dupin

Armenian team!

Marco Foyot and Pascal Corchia

Our first round opponents!
The gang

We managed 3 points (and were happy to do so!)


Trey, Ken (Gus Vespa), and Bo
Mile High (Denver, CO) pointer

Brenda and Manuela

Pouplot/Hammouchane vs. Trani/Zanella

Joe, Christophe, Stephen
Teri Sirico

Pascal, Stephen, Fernando, Juan

Juan and Pascal managed 4 points!

Marco and Bernard got 8 points
Rick won the raffle for Marco's boules!

In the finals

Rick, myself, Juan, Linda
Rudy, Charlie, Malik, Artem

Last game of the day
Sunday found Shirley and I facing the Canadian team of Thomas Pouplot and Redouane Hammouchane.  While Shirley and I were lucky to win our four games on Saturday against teams from Corrales (NM), Albuquerque (NM), Portland (OR), and Los Angeles (CA), the Canadians had breezed through their games 13-0, 13-0, 13-0, and 13-1!  We considered ourselves lucky to get the 3 points we ended up with.

Kirk and Bo, having gone 2 and 2 on Saturday, were also out after their first Sunday game, so it was a short-play day for Carolina Petanque.  Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and then had the rest of the day to watch such world-class players as Pouplot, Hammouchane, Foyot, Trani, Zanella, Kessouagni, Corchia, Garcia, and many others.

The finals came down to Foyot/Martin versus the Canadians.  The Canadians were just too strong on this particular day and handed Marco/Bernard their second loss of the weekend-- the first having been to the USA team of Pascal Corchia and Juan Garcia on Saturday.

Congratulations to Artem Zuev and Malek Hfaiedh for winning the Consolante over Daniel Smith and Ken Thompson.  It was a good game that finished under the lights.

Many thanks to Christophe Descarpentries for organizing and producing the event.  It was great fun for all and I'm sure everyone hopes they are able to come again to New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.

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