Saturday, May 30, 2015

Silver Medal in Philadelphia!

 Bo and Parker take the Silver Medal in Philadelphia!!!

Kristi and Mary Hazel made it to the semi-finals!!

Congratulations to all the Carolina Petanque players for a job well done!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Wednesday morning play

Shirley had her camera at Griffith Park in Winston-Salem on Wednesday, but she forgot to take any pictures until we were loading up the van to go home!  Fred, Rom, Shirley, and I played singles and doubles.  Morning sessions are nice even though we can't get the crowds that Sunday afternoon play attracts.

Griffith Park (W-S) on 5/17/2015

Does anyone in Carolina Petanque have better shooting form than Parker?

Great petanque weekend! Today was hot but some breeze--and a canopy for shade (Whew!). National P├ętanque League and leisure play both. So very, very, glad to have had the Edwards and Lopez/Bunn Families make the drive down today. So much fun! Thank y'all! Thanks to all who came out!


Central (Inter-) Regional Doubles

Congratulations to Arsene Dupin and Amine Najah, Men's Champions!  And to Amy Bienvenu and Jeanne-Marie Browning, Women's Champions!

For more pictures of both Saturday and Sunday play, as well as Arsene's write-up of the weekend, check out the Heart of Texas blog.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Central (Inter-) Regional Singles Championships

The Preliminaries

The Play

The Awards

 Winners and Organizers

The Results

Concours Singles Men:
First place: Rick Armstrong
Second place: Walt Elder
Third place: Alain Gimenez
Fourth place: Olivier Simonet

Consolante Singles Men:
First place: Amine Najah
Second place: Jim Schwobel

Concours Singles Women:
First place: Shirley Jones
Second place: Shannon Hodge
Third place: Mitzi Gimenez

Consolante: Singles Women:
First place: Marion Bermondy
Second place: Cathy Poole