Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Augustine & Susanne Have a Party

On Friday, the 2nd, we drove down the mountains from Crossnore (after Shirley and Sharon made a quick side trip to see the daylillies) and took a little detour to visit with Augustine and Susanne in Hickory, NC. They have three wonderful pistes (courts) in the woods behind their house. There was a good crowd of players and we had a great time right into the evening. Good food, good people, and petanque. Who needs anything else?

Thanks to Steve for sharing his photos with our blog.

First of July

We played in Newland and visited with Danny & Sue in Crossnore, NC, on Thursday the first day of July. In addition to Danny, Sue, Shirley, and myself, we were joined by Mike & Sharon (visiting from Louisiana) and Barry & Kay, local residents.