Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nice Sunday Turnout

Miller Park on Sunday afternoon. Danny, Sue D., Bob M., Fred, Marc, Chad, Trevor, Matt, Walt, Stefanie, Priti, Tom, Carol, Ronnie, Faye, Ed, Anne, Shirley, and Gary.

North Augusta, SC

We went down to visit our friends, Larry & Tammy, in North Augusta, SC, over the weekend. As usual, we found a place to play petanque. Tammy points (very well, I might add!) as Larry looks on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Petanque America Tournament Week-- the day after

Win, lose, or draw-- the sun still comes up the next day!

Petanque America Tournament week-- Sunday

The above link to Snapfish will allow you to see ALL Sunday's photos. (Snapfish accounts are free!)

The final qualifying game was held on Sunday morning. The field of 136 teams was then slotted into nine brackets for single-elimination play.

16 teams Championship A
16 teams Championship Aa
8 teams Championship B
16 teams Consolation A
16 teams Consolation Aa
16 teams Consolation B
16 teams Consolation Bb
16 teams Consolation C
16 teams Consolation Cc

CarolinaPetanque ended up with only one team in Championship A: Khalid Mesbah and his partner, Joseph, from New York. They eventually made it to the quarterfinals. Congratulations, guys!

We also had two teams that made it into Championship Aa: Augustin & Marc Quilici and Gary & Shirley Jones. Team Quilici made it through the first round and into the quarter-finals.Congratulations, guys!

Shirley and I lost in the first round to a team of two women from Israel. Their shooter, Gali Shriki, is a multiple-time member of the Israeli National team. The Israeli team went on to win Championship Aa bracket, so we didn't feel too bad to have lost to them.

The overall winners, Championship A, were Marco Foyot of France and Bernard Marten of Florida. Congratulations to them-- they were superb. Foyot is currently ranked as the number 4 player in the world (source:, and it's hard to imagine anyone playing better than he did on Sunday. I never saw him miss a shot in the entire finals. You should have been there!

Petanque America Tournament week-- Sat Nov 12, 2011

The first five qualifying rounds were played on Saturday. Augustin & Marc finished 5-0. Khalid & his partner from New York were also 5-0. Shirley and I were 4-1, the same as we were in 2009 and 2010.

Check out the link to Snapfish if you want to see ALL of Saturday's pictures. (Snapfish accounts are free!)

2011 Petanque America Tournament week-- Friday

Things were starting to heat up a little by Friday with more and more teams arriving. The link above will take you to Snapfish where you can see ALL of Friday's pictures. (Snapfish accounts are free!)

2011 Petanque America Tournament Week-- Thursday

Bobby and Peggy, as well as Terry and Sue (not pictured), joined us on Thursday afternoon.

2011 Petanque America Tournament Week-- Wednesday

We stopped along the way for lunch at Larry's Giant Subs. Finally arrived at the tournament site in the afternoon.

2011 Petanque America Tournament Week-- Tuesday

Practice on Tuesday afternoon in Lincolnton. We're leaving for Florida in the morning.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Play Before Petanque America Open

For many, Sunday's play at Miller Park was the last chance to play before making this week's trip down to Florida for the Petanque America Open at Amelia Island. We were delighted to have Kirk, Bo, Uijin, and Lauren join us from their homes in the mountains of NC. They don't get down to play with us flatlanders too often, so it was a treat. Danny and Sue were also able to play, so the mountain group almost had a majority!