Monday, October 14, 2013

St. Augustine-- Saturday

Gilles, Bernard, Bo, and Martine

Parker at play

Lorrie Beth and Hank

Bo, Martine, and Gilles

Runners-up: Daniel, Frederic, Susanne

John (president of Oh-La-La)

Our team-- Jean, Deborah, and myself

Champions at play: Muriel, Jim, Eric

Concours Third Place: Khalid,Faith, Stan

Runners-up: Frederic, Susanne, Daniel

Champions:  Jim, Muriel, and Eric

 Kirk's team won the Consolante! (Daniel presenting the trophy)
The Saturday triples melee consisted of three qualifying rounds followed by single-elimination in both Concours and Consolante divisions.

Though the finals ended up being an all-Florida affair, Carolina Petanque did place three of our six players "in the money."  Khalid's team finished third in the Concours.  Kirk's team won the Consolante.  And my team finished second in the Consolante.  Not a bad showing, overall!

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