Sunday, June 25, 2017

French Vacation

For any of you who may not be aware, the Edwards family is in France for The Marseillaise
petanque tournament. Many of us have been following the adventures of Kirk, Bo, and Parker on Bo's Facebook page, but for those of you who have not, here are some examples of the pictures she's posted.

Best of luck and safe travels, guys!

Before the deluge

Our Morganton hosts: Jane and Steve Gantt
Steve and Ed

Marc to shoot

We went back for more in Morganton on Saturday. Six of us had some very good games and played for several hours, finishing around 1:30 or so. Just as we were loading up the truck for our trip back home to Lexington, the skies opened like I haven't seen in quite a while-- a real "gully washer" of a rain storm in southern dialect. Good timing!

BTW, Marc Quilici was the star for the day, winning all of the games he played in, and, for the second time in a row at Morganton, I was shut out!

Thursday Play in Morganton

Terrain is soft but improving with play

Coming soon- eight more courts!


Give it a try!

Veronica and Haley
Pictures from regular Thursday morning play at Catawba River Soccer Complex in Morganton, NC.

Oh-- I almost forgot to mention-- Shirley and Sue beat the guys (Gary/Danny/Steve) three games in a row!

Wednesday play at miller Park

John Wilson

Our new terrains are holding up really well with all the rains and play we've managed lately. Just a quick brush over with the large push/pull broom and they look like new!

Fathers' Day

Ken and Austin

Miller Park at 2500 Queen St, Winston-Salem, NC, on June 18, 2017.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

First-ever tournament in Morganton, NC!

Khalid Mesbah and Jonathan Halas
Pictured above are the Champions of the inaugural petanque tournament in Morganton, NC, on June 17, 2017. Carolina Petanque and the City of Morganton sponsored an Open Doubles Melee at the new terrains in Catawba Meadows Park.

We managed to field 14 teams of two players for our first Morganton event. There are currently two terrains available for play-- each large enough to accommodate four games at international dimensions. Two additional terrains are under construction. Upon their completion, there will be enough courts to allow 16 games (32 teams) of play at international dimensions or 20 games (40 teams) at regional minimum dimensions.

Thank you, Morganton!

Runners-up: Marc Quilici and Jerome Morel

Jeanne and Jerome

Bob and Teng


Jonathan Halas

Jerome Morel

Prize winners (Not pictured: Marc Quilici)

Those who stayed to the end!

Bob Robertson

Teng Ly