Sunday, August 13, 2017




Rusty, Marcia, Danny, Sue, Jeff, Steve, Jane, Marc, Kathy, Sara, Juan, Shirley, and I were the thirteen players who turned out for Saturday morning play at the Catawba River Soccer (and Petanque!) Complex. We were missing some of our players who are crossovers from bocce as there was a bocce tournament in nearby Valdese also scheduled for Saturday morning.

Kathy's daughter, Sara, was a new player in Morganton on Saturday. Marc said she had played "a few times" at various places, but she played as if it might have been more often, since her pointing was consistent and her throwing style was smooth and, seemingly, effortless. We're always happy to have members of the younger crowd join us, as they are the future of American petanque.

Friday, August 11, 2017


We had a special visitor for Thursday evening play in Morganton. Mamy Jocelyn Ranaivoson , member of the Zanesfield Petanque Club, was traveling through NC and stopped by to play for a while. We had met Mamy several years ago in Ohio and were happy to see him again.

From Facebook, he lists Holmen, Wisconsin, as his current home and Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, as his hometown. He is the pastor of a Lutheran church in Wisconsin. With Mamy in his travels were his wife, Noelisoa, and his son AJ (Shirley asked AJ how he spells his name. His answer: "A...J"). While Noel was content to sit and watch, AJ got into a game or two. We're always happy to have visitors to Carolina Petanque and really enjoyed seeing Mamy and his family.

We love walk-ups!!! Holly and Barry from Vail
Randy from Morganton-- another walk-up

Late (9:00 PM) dinner at Judge's
Mamy, AJ, Noel, Kirk, Rusty, Marcia, Jeff, Danny, Sue, Marc, Juan, Kathy, Tom, Carol, Steve, John, Barry, Holly, Randy, Shirley, and Gary played (well, technically, Noel and Randy just watched this time) petanque in Morganton yesterday evening beginning at 5:00 PM and having to abandon our last game at 8:45 (score was 11-10) in order to make it the few hundred yards over to Judge's Riverside Restaurant before their 9:00 closing time!

Good news!

Surprise! Here comes Johnny...

Checking it out
We got a VERY pleasant surprise during our regular Wednesday morning session at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC. Who should show up but Johnny Galbreath from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department. Johnny has been telling us for a while now that he intends to have a permanent petanque terrain constructed at Tanger Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro. Many of you know that we annually participate in Greensboro's Parisian Promenade Festival at the park, and we've always played on the gravel road in the Maintenance Area of the park. Well, the time has come! Johnny traveled to Winston-Salem to look at the new petanque area there, take some measurements, and start the process for Greenboro construction. Wow! Winston-Salem, Morganton, and now Greensboro. We're making BIG strides for petanque in the Carolinas. Raleigh, are you listening?

Monday, August 7, 2017


Selfie of our photographer!
Some of the regular crowd, along with Khalid (over from Charlotte) and Danny/Sue (down from Crossnore) played at Miller Park (2500 Queen St.) in Winston-Salem yesterday.

It was Khalid's first time to play at Miller since the new courts went in, and he was very complimentary. Good to get good reviews from a good player!

New player in Morganton on Saturday!

With Tracie

Tracie's FIRST point!

Sue, Juan, and me


Danny, Marc, Tracie, and Ed

Kathy gardening on a neighboring court while waiting to play

Rains have brought a few scattered weeds
We only had nine players in Morganton on Saturday morning, but one of them was a new player (another bocce player that Ed referred our way!). We were glad to welcome Tracie Jeffries to the group. She said she had already watched some You Tube videos of petanque to get a feel for what the game was all about, so we tried to be brief with our instructions and got her into a game straightaway.

She immediately seemed to be comfortable with the palm-down throwing style of petanque whereas many, if not most, bocce players deliver the bocce ball palm-up. After a few throws that were short (our Morganton courts are rather soft), she seemed to have no trouble getting her boule "in the game," and was a player to be reckoned with for the rest of the day.

We soon had her involved in strategy discussion and debating which boule was "in" like a seasoned player. Looking forward to her joining us again at her first opportunity.