Monday, December 3, 2012

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

'Tis the season!

Joe's B-day is Monday the 3rd!

Nilla, Daniel, Fred, Mary, & Bob

Steve and Joe

Gary, Gail  & Joe

Front: Nilla & Joe   Rear: David, Daniel, Steve, & Mary

Joe and Mary
Wow, what a lovely Carolina December day!  We were "thrilled and delighted," as Shirley likes to say, to have Joe & Mary, Steve & Nilla, and David and Daniel, local residents just taking up our game, join our group for the afternoon.

Along with Shirley and myself, Bob M., Gail, Fred, and Joseph rounded out the group. 

As I write this on Monday evening, I want to say how much we enjoyed yesterday's group and how I hope that the new players will return time and again.  And I hope Joe had a great birthday today!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grand Opening Party of new terrain

Sue and Terry Wien

CarolinaPetanque members Sue and Terry Wien invited the club, along with members' family, and friends to the Grand Opening of their new petanque terrain on High Rock Lake in Lexington, NC, yesterday.  They have created three structured courts and an overflow area large enough to handle one or two more courts in the area adjoining their stand-alone recreation building.

The weather cooperated perfectly for the big event with temperatures in the mid-sixties for most of the day along with abundant sunshine.  We played from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM!

The courts were beautifully constructed-- each with its own distinct character.  Our crowd enjoyed the subtle differences of playing on courts ranging from a little on the soft side to a little on the firm side.  Everyone had his or her favorite.  Well, not everyone.  I had a difficult time choosing!

Many, many thanks to Terry and Sue for inviting us.  Great place.  Great people.  Wonderful lunch and dinner.  Couldn't have been better.