Monday, October 14, 2013

St. Augustine-- Friday

We made it into town around 6:30 after a long day of driving.  Our group consisted of Augustine, Khalid, Shirley, and myself.  Kirk, Bo, and Parker got a later start and were several hours behind us.

Before checking into our motel (Thanks, Khalid, for making the lodging arrangements!), we decided to go straight to the park where the tournament would be held in order to check out the terrain.  Beautiful location under an extensive canopy of live oak and evergreens!  Completely shaded for relief from the Florida sun.  Very natural terrain.  Extremely firm dirt/sand base with loose sand on top.  Firm in places, soft in places, and spongy in places.  Tricky slopes and undulations.  Nice venue!

Shirley had called Daniel Smith, president of Boules de Leon, to confirm that we were in the right place, and he suggested that, after we threw a few boules at the park, we join some of the other players for under-the-lights play at Daniel's home.

We did, and it was great!  Daniel's home is walking distance from the old, downtown area.  It's a beautiful, large, old-Florida home, and his petanque piste is nicely constructed and beautifully lighted.  We decided to play Carolina against Florida for a couple of games.  Gilles, Christian, and Erich (all from the Sarasota club) played the first game against Augustine, Khalid, and myself.  For the second game, I sat out and Shirley took my place on the Carolina team.  The results were inconclusive-- one game for Florida, one game for Carolina.  Whether Carolina won the game I was playing in or the game Shirley was playing in is really not important, at least in my opinion :-)!

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