Thursday, March 31, 2016

Manasota Petanque in Sarasota, FL

Gilles Canesse as Tournament Director

Louisiana Mike

Gilles Canesse and Manasota Petanque Club hosted a social panache tournament on Sunday March 6, 2016, in Sarasota, FL. Attending from Carolina Petanque: Danny, Sue, JC (Jean-Claude), Patricia, Shirley, and Gary. It was an abbreviated format with players drawing at random for partners and opponents in each of three rounds of play. There was no playoff-- the players were ranked by wins then point differential to determine winners. Carolina did not have a player in the top three rankings, but several of us finished with two wins against one loss, so it mostly came down to point differentials.

It was good fun with a great group of players at one of the most beautiful places to play anywhere around.

Thanks for having us, Manasota.

Sunday, Feb 28, Winston-Salem

It looks as though Shirley and I missed a nice Sunday afternoon at Miller Park. While we vacationed in central Florida, they played in North Carolina.

Saturday February 27, Charlotte, NC

Rebekah sent a couple of pictures of Nevin Park play.

Leaving Lake Worth

We left Lake Worth on Monday and Shirley snapped a few quick shots at our downtown motel and as we drove away.

Lake Worth, FL, on Sunday the 28th


Fourth place: Nicole Giroux, Shirley Jones (Carloina Petanque) Francine Desjardins


Jo Ella, Susan, and Cynthia- 3rd place

Shannon, Michelle, and Gina- 2nd place

Champions! : Fran├žoise Lamarre,  Sergine Giroux, Hedy Latimer
 Michel Boisvert, Elie Ohayon, Michel Robichaud,

South Florida Petanque Club, Lake Worth, FL
SOUTHEAST Inter-Regional Men's Triples 
Gold: Elie Ohayon (S.Florida P.C), Michel Robichaud (Miami Petanque Club), Michel Boisvert (Canadian) 13/9
Silver: Francis Cheru, Gerard Reuther, Guy Labouyrie (all S. Florida Petanque Club)
Bronze: Juan Garcia (Miami Petanque Club), Jerome Nicolas, Stephan Nicolas (both S.Florida Petanque Club) 13/1
1st place: Gilles Canesse Manasota Boules, John Rolland (Miami PC, Daniel Smith (Boules de Leon) 
2nd place: Joel Besson, Robert Defay, Emile Blanco (all S. Florida Petanque Club)
3rd place: Raymond Fulconis, Pierre Savoie, Florent Blouin (all S. Florida Petanque Club)

SOUTHEAST Inter-Regional Women's TriplesConcours: 
Gold: Fran├žoise Lamarre, Hedy Latimer, Sergine Giroux (all South Florida Petanque Club) 13/11
Silver: Gina Dejoy (S. Florida Petanque Club), Shannon Hodge ( Zanesfield), Michele Healey (San Antonio)
Bronze: Jo Ella Manalan (S.Florida Petanque Club), Cynthia Stroud, Susan Shaw (both Maine Boules Club) 13/7
1st place: Shirley Jones (Carloina Petanque), Nicole Giroux, Francine Desjardins (both S.Florida Petanque Club) 13/12
2nd place: Pat Lallinec, Muriel Schmidtke, Idola Raymond (all S.Florida Petanque Club)

Lake Worth (South Florida) Petanque Club did a great job hosting. Thanks Jo Ella, Francis, and all the others who made the event a success.