Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, Memorial Day

Zanesfield had a Memorial Day celebration that started with an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at Fawcett Park.  This was followed by a parade down main street that then proceeded to the cemetery for a service honoring the nation's bravest who gave their lives in service of their country.  The walk from town to the cemetery was at least a half mile or more, and it was impressive to see how many of the town's citizens made the hike-- in the rain, no less!


Doubles Champions!
Sue, Danny, Bob


Ron and Tanner (grandson and partner)

Bo and Kirk with a new player

Princess Ruby and Princess Lucy

Josh showing good form

Cruz played in boots!

How sweet!

Today's heroes, Kristi Bunn and Cruz Lopez

In the Finals

Battling for third place

Yours truly

It's over!!!

Third place for Josh and Shawn

Kirk and Bo  Edwards (second place) with Bo Johns

Second place-- Shawn Miller and Josh Kotsaris

Today's winners
Carolina's Kristi Bunn and Cruz Lopez won the Zanesfield, Ohio, Select Doubles Memorial Day Weekend Tournament beating CarolinaPetanque's Kirk Edwards and Bo Edwards.  Third place winners, representing Zanesfield, were Shawn Miller (now of Seattle, Washington) and Josh Kotsaris.  Fourth place went to a Carolina/Ohio team-- Bob Moyer and Bo Johns.

It was a great tournament and congratulations are due Bo Johns and his Zanesfield Club.  Everyone had a great time and many were already asking Bo by the end of the day whether he plans to do it again next year.

Mollie hosting the gang after the tournament

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Winning form!
Early arrivals

Bo at work

Showing the kids
Danny and Kirk

Memorial Day Celebration and PowWow

Mike (Zanesfield)

Kristi Bunn


Kristi and Cruz.  Having fun?
Native Americans


Kirk, Danny, Shawn, Jane

Shirley coaxing potential players

Trying the game

Peaceful moment

Bob rubbing it in!!!

Sue wins in singles!

Today's Champion

Third place

Second place


Bob (3rd), Danny (2nd), Sue (1st), and Bo (ZPC president)

The format for Saturday's play was a doubles panache.  Players changed partners after each game, giving people a chance to play with, and against, several others.   An unusual wrinkle after the four qualifying rounds was that the top four placing individuals then played singles head-to-head against each other (#1 against #2 and #3 against #4) in the finals round.

Sue Daniels and Danny Daniels from Carolina finished one and two in the qualifying rounds.  Gary Jones and Bob Moyer from Carolina finished three and four-- a CarolinaPetanque sweep of the top four places!

In the singles competition, Sue beat Danny and Bob beat Gary.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Well done!

After the day's play, Danny won the shooting contest, making it a complete sweep of all the prizes for CarolinaPetanque.  Nice job everyone.
Live entertainment post-petanque-- Bob Lucas from Zanesfield

Zanesfield, Ohio, Friday, May 24, 2013


Our B&B
Myeerah's Inn
Lucy and Bo Johns
Mollie Johns
Ruby Johns
Bo at work

Setup day

Shirley offers her opinion
We (Danny and Sue with Shirley and me) made the eight hour drive from North Carolina to Zanesfield, Ohio, on Thursday in order to have a little free time on Friday.  We spent our day in and around Zanesfield visiting with Zanesfield Petanque Club's president and number one promoter, Bo Johns, and his family.

We helped a little bit with some of the last-minute setup of signs, banners, scoreboards, and the like, then spent some time getting used to the courts.  Bo had set up for play eight newly-created courts in addition to the five full-time, existing courts they already had in Fawcett Park.  The latest word is that the Club may end up being able to retain use of, what was originally thought to be, a temporary area for the eight new courts.

They will have thirteen full-time courts and an overflow area that could easily allow for three more.  Sixteen courts should be more than adequate for tournament play for their small town.  It's a wonderful setup.