Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winston-Salem on Sunday


We had ten people at Miller Park today:  Nelson, Rebekah, Gail, Rom, Joseph, Bob, Terry, Preston, Sherry, and a new player named Marci.  We have Sherry to thank for recruiting Marci, both of whom (along with Preston) are now connected to petanque via Meetup.com .  In addition, we had two people walk up who were interested in learning more about playing, so I gave them the e-mail address to sign up for  updates.  

Sherry, Terry, and Preston continued their streak of playing well for having played for such a short time, and Marci picked the game up quickly.  

Later in the afternoon, a woman named Mireille (pronounced "mee-ray") stopped by (from Meetup.com).  She is French and lives in Winston-Salem. She wasn't interested in playing, but was happy to see an aspect of French culture and speak French with someone.  She is very, very nice and I think she would enjoy meeting other French speaking people in our group.   

I gave Preston the Carolina Petanque e-mail address.  He is interested in more opportunities to practice/play during the week.  Are we playing this Wednesday?  If we do, Nelson said he can do it if play begins at 10 (his classes begin earlier on Monday and Wednesday).

I'll send you photos tomorrow a.m.


Regarding Rebekha's question about Wednesday play, we are playing Wednesday morning October 1st at 10:00 AM at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC. (2500 Queen Street)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First time back at Miller Park

We had a turnout of around twenty-two players at 2500 Queen St in Winston-Salem, NC, on Sunday.  We were particularly happy to have Catherine back for the first time in a while.  Also, Preston returned to play again. Neal joined us for the first time after seeing Rebekah's MEET UP post.  And Jay, who reappeared after playing with us many months ago, brought his girlfriend Amber out for her first exposure to the game.

Please remember Fred in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from recent minor surgery.  We'll look forward to his return soon.

Rom and Barb

A few of us joined Rom and Barb at their Winston-Salem home for lunch this past Saturday.  They did a Low Country Boil with lobster, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, etc.  Delicious!  Of course, we couldn't resist going out into the front yard after lunch and throwing the boules around for a little while.

From Francois (on September 12th)

Gary & Shirley,
                       Hope all is good with you. I've been more in Texas this summer dealing with my mom (hospital and rehab) she's back home now. So I haven't played to much petanque this summer. Here was this weeks play with a couple of locals and some folks from Chicago.

The Inn at Bingham School

Thursday, September 18, 2014

From Rebekah:

Shirley and I were still in Texas on Sunday-- we played there Wednesday, Thursday, AND Sunday, but Shirley forgot her camera every time!  Guess her mind was on the grandkids!  Meanwhile, back in the Carolinas, Rebekah and Nelson hosted play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday, but she forgot her camera too!  Here's her report:

Anyways, we had nine people: Terry, Rom, Gail, Danny, Sue, Nelson, me, and two new folks who showed up from finding us on Meetup.com! Their names are Preston and Loretta. Preston lives in Lewisville. Not sure about Loretta. Real nice folks and they played two games with us. The seemed to enjoy it, so we'll see if they come back. Terry brought some snacks. We played about 4 games and then folks said they had to leave, so we packed up and left. I'm very appreciative of Danny and Sue for making the trek down two weeks in a row and then having to drive back that night! Really good of them!

Many thanks to Rebekah and Nelson for hosting and reporting.  We'll be back for play on Sunday, September 21, at Miller Park.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

By: Rebekah Ricardo

Here's the update from Sunday's play: 

We got there early and were all set up by 12:30.  Those attending were Nelson, Rebekah, Bob, Gail, Danny and Sue, Fred, Rom, Terry, Marc and Augustin, and a new player named Teng Lye.  Teng recently moved from California where he was an active member of a petanque club out there and has competed in several tournaments.  He's a good player and a very nice person.   He brought his wife, a mother or mother-in-law, and 3-4 of his children.  He found out about us from the Internet--probably just a Google search. 

Suzanne came back from shopping and sat watching us play a couple of games.  It was good to see them!

Teng Ly lives in Newton, I think?  So Hickory is the closest city to him.  He and Marc talked and they exchanged contact info so that Teng can play some in Hickory with the Quelicis.   However, I'm hoping he will still come back and play occasionally with us.  I didn't think to ask y'all for some business cards to hand out in your absence, but I got Teng's contact information (no e-mail address) and I will text him info on the BBQ tourney, the blog, and Facebook.
I don't think we'll do Wednesday play this week due to several people being unavailable.

Attached are photos.  There was nothing special about food because I was too busy sewing all weekend to do anything.  Might bring something next Sunday.  Will try to also bring my better camera--just used my cell phone yesterday.
Miss y'all and hope all continues to go well out there.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zaytouna tournament


Hasu, Rudy, Walt, and Alain
Amine on the landing

Terry and Linda
We traveled into Austin Saturday for an evening petanque tournament at the Zaytouna Lounge, a Moroccan style tea house/hookah bar/petanque venue owned and operated by our Texas friend Amine Najah.  Nighttime play provided a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the day.  It was a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

Shirley and I didn't fare too well, going only one for three against some good players.  The teams were pretty evenly matched though-- only one team won all three qualifying games and only two other teams managed to win two of three.

The good news is that the shooter/captain of the winning team was Carolina Petanque's own Walt Elder!  Don't let his TEXAS shirt fool you, he's still a member of our club with roots in the Boone, NC, area.  Congratulations to winners Walt and Alain and to the runners-up team of Hasu and Rudy.  Nice job guys.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday petanque in Philly!

Carolina Petanque!
Kirk Edwards pointing on his birthday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Mamary Coulibaly on extreme left.)  Here's another picture of Mamary ("Mo") when he and Juan Garcia won the Heart of Texas Open back in 2010!

French Legation

View of the Capitol Building from the French Legation

Sunday play at the French Legation in the heart of Austin in the heart of Texas!

Paggi Square

Lydia, Carolyn, and Jenna
Thierry and Mike
Amine, Gary, Susan, and Terry

Jim and Terry

Earl and Jim
Saturday, August 30, 2014, at  Paggi Square in Austin, Texas.  We drove over for morning play.  The Texas groups prefer morning or evening play this time of year.  Temperatures routinely hit 99+ degrees most days.