Thursday, November 29, 2007

Continued from Texas

And then there were the trips to the French Legation. Gary and Shirley played every Wednesday afternoon.

More from Texas

Next outing Gary and Shirley made was to Carol's place in Dripping Springs, Texas. That's a small town just west of Austin. Carol has one wide terrain which she divides into two pistes via a string down the middle so that two games can be played at once. Very nice! Good, level surface makes for high level of play.

News from Texas

Gary and Shirley have been playing a couple of times a week on their current trip to Texas. One of their first petanque outings was to their friend Jeanne's beautful home in the Texas Hill Country near Spicewood, Texas. As you can see from the pictures, Jeanne has two great courts in a fabulous setting.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Upcoming trip

Gary and Shirley are planning another trip to Texas in the next few weeks. They will be visiting their daughter Lynda, son-in-law Rob, and two grandchildren Marin & Maeve for a few weeks. They also plan to play a little petanque! Here's a shot Shirley took of Gary, Rob, and Lynda playing in a church parking lot about a half mile from Rob&Lynda's house.

There is an active group at Lakeway, Texas that plays every Sunday afternoon. The last time in Texas, Gary and Shirley played about every
other weekend with the Lakeway group. There are two beautiful terrains at Lakeway Park among the live oak trees.
On the alternate weekends, they played with another large group at the French Legation right in downtown Austin. The pathways around the museum are small pebbles that make a very challenging playing surface. The player (second from left) in the baseball cap, Amine, from Morroco, is particularly talented and a great guy as well.There were also two individuals, Carol and Jeanne, who invited Gary&Shirley to play at each of their private residence terrains. So they are excited to be rejoining such an active petanque scene again in November. Jeanne already has a petanque party scheduled at her house to celebrate the opening of her second terrain!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New club forming in North & South Carolina!!!

A small group of nine players gathered at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Sunday, October 21, 2007, and decided to submit an application to the FPUSA for a new club that hopes to draw members from both North and South Carolina. The idea is for a club that has multiple "home" bases throughout the Carolinas and sponsors gatherings at each location on a rotating basis.

Bob Moyer has volunteered to preside as club President until such time as the membership has evolved to the point of nominating and electing officers. Gary Jones has likewise committed to be the first Secretary/Treasurer.

Assuming that the FPUSA grants club status, this blog and an e-mail address will be maintained to provide information and contacts. More info to come.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The start

Terry, Bob, Sue, Gary, Shirley, Josh, and Philippe (Not pictured: Danny and Sue)