Sunday, May 1, 2016

Practice session

We called off Sunday play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem because our weather report from there this morning around 9:00 was that the terrain was too wet to play (drainage issues have not been adequately addressed) and that the forecast was for continued rain throughout the day. However, despite the forecast, here in Lexington the late afternoon turned out to be pretty nice, so Shirley and I called our friends Terry and Sue and invited ourselves over for a practice session. Shirley and Sue will be playing together in next Saturday's Mid-America Inter-regional Women's Doubles and Terry and I will be playing in the men's doubles. Both events are to be held in Zanesfield, Ohio.

So, the women played the men today. Suffice it to say that one team beat the other two out of three (close!) games. 'nuff said.


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