Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Men's and Women's Qualifier in Zanesfield

Our camper and Donnie's Motorhome

Lucy, Ruby, and Otto

Jim/Jack (Consolante 2nd place)

Gary/Terry (Consolante winners)


Parker/Kirk (4th place)

Khalid/Khalid (3rd place)
Jack/Bo (2nd place)

Abdo/Mohamed (Champions)

Juanita/Angela (Third place)

Mollie/Bo (2nd place)

Sue/Shirley (Champions)

Kaye/Joan (4th place)
The Mid-America Region of the FPUSA held an Inter-regional Men's and Women's dobles qualifier this past Saturday in Zanesfield, Ohio. Mohamed and Abdo won the Men's Championship (both from Zanesfield Petanque Club). Sue and Shirley won the Women's Championship (both from Carolina Petanque).

The top four Men's teams and the top four Women's teams qualified to proceed to November's National Qualifier in Sanford, FL. Winners there will qualify to play in Begium!

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