Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recent play

Here are a few shots of recent club play.  The first ones are from last Wednesday morning at Miller Park in Winston-Salem.  The mid-week sessions have been reasonably well attended.  Those who are not burdened with working weekday morns have been enjoying the coolness compared to afternoon play now that summer has arrived.  Bob treated us to pizza after play; then, we stopped by his place and spent a little time staking out the area he's planning to convert to a new terrain.
Ronnie stopped by for a while
Joseph concentrating
Rebekah's lunch hour
Rom, James, Nelson
Staking out the new terrain at Bob's house
Then, on Friday evening, Nelson and Rebekah came down to our place in Lexington and played a few games.  They brought supper along with them (grilled chicken, pasta salad, and peach cobbler with ice cream!) so we played, dined, and played some more.

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