Monday, June 9, 2014

More new players at Miller Park!



Driss and Thaddeus

MacNasia on the bench

Rains were intermittent

Al pointing

Veida (Vee) trying her hand
Danny discussing play with Kwesi

Last week's efforts at recruiting a few new players during our demonstration event at the Parisian Promenade in Greensboro are beginning to pay off.  Veida brought her three sons, Kwesi, MacNasia, and Thaddeus, over to Miller Park in Winston-Salem for Sunday play.

We were also pleased to have Driss and Sandy, just back from a visit to Amelia Island and Saturday play in Lincolnton, join us on Sunday.  In addition, Nelson brought a friend, Al, to play for the first time.

Throw in the return of Rom and Barb, who've been absent for a few weeks, and add the usual cast of characters-- Danny&Sue, Fred, Gail, Stump, Cheryl, Nelson, Rebekah, James, Shirley, and myself-- and you can see we had a nice crowd.  The rain shortened play a little bit, we waited through three downbursts before finally giving it up, but we had a good time anyway and hope to see better weather and comparable crowds next week.

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