Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Panache at High Rock Lake

It was Ladies Day at the 2014 version of Terry and Sue Wien's Panache at High Rock Lake.  The ladies of Carolina Petanque played good, steady petanque all day long and ended up besting the men.  The top four qualifiers from our field of sixteen, eight men and eight women, were all women!

Sue Daniels partnered with Shirley Jones to beat the team of Anne Shoaf and Sue Wien in the finals.  Sue Daniels also won the 2013 Panache at the Wiens on High Rock Lake with me as her partner AND the 2013 Zanesfield (Ohio) Panache with her husband Danny.  And Shirley recently won the 2014 Zanesfield Panache with Abderrahim (Abdul) El Hadi as her partner.  It seems as though Shirley and Sue just have the right set of skills to make them really good at the panache (new partners every game) format!

After the tournament, Terry and Sue took us out onto High Rock Lake for an early evening cruise in their pontoon boat.  It was a cool, relaxing way to settle down from the long, hot day of petanque.  Thanks, Terry and Sue, for a wonderful event!

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