Monday, June 9, 2014

Overflow crowd for Lincolnton Saturday play

Flowers courtesy of Driss Darhnaj
Sandwich lunch

Jane and Phil (Jean's cousin)


Philippe Trochard

Jean and Kathy


Sue Daniels
Based on the turnouts for the last two times we've played in Lincolnton, I'm beginning to consider adding another couple of courts.  The two we have now will only accommodate a dozen players at a time and we've exceeded that number recently.

I'm thinking of getting the turf scraped in the area near the existing courts in order to begin the process.  A little coarse gravel, maybe some weed barrier, and a little screenings or decomposed granite and we'd have room for maybe another dozen players.  Plus, I'd like to have a firmer surface than the somewhat-spongy one we now have in order to provide more variety to our playing conditions.

Just thinkin'.

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