Monday, June 2, 2014

Parisian Promenade-- 2014

Proud Mom with budding prospects
Danny holding rake and pretending to work
At last, someone REALLY working
Kirk was "Trainer of the Day"

Ladies playing!
Ohio doubles Champion, Driss, with Rebekah

"Stump" taking charge

Interested party

Rick, Sue, Danny

Cheryl and Stump
Bob was a tireless trainer too

Unanimous choice for best prospect(s)-- Mac (and Thad)

The 2014 version of the Parisian Promenade at Tanger Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro was a big success.  Thanks to Danny, Sue D, Sandy, Driss, Rick, Maggie, Kirk, Bo, Bob, Kristi, Cruz, Terry, Sue W, Stump, Cheryl, Rebekah, Nelson, Linnea, Mary Hazel, Rusty, Marcia, and Shirley for helping.

And to all the nice people at Tanger Bicentennial Gardens, especially Mebane and Ryan, for inviting us!


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