Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trying the new terrain

Fifth of July

Training session on the bocce courts

Weekend-of-the-Fourth cookout

Our new terrain (work-in-process)

New player from Jamestown-- Bryan Whitaker

Then the rains came!

Aftermath of thunderstorm
We wound down the 4th of July weekend by having another cookout at Miller Park in Winston-Salem.  There was a nice turnout to enjoy the food and to try playing on the new terrain.  Though it's a work-in-process, it is coming long nicely.  The wooden surrounds are yet to be installed and we're hoping for some kind of shade shelters before too long.  The surface is VERY firm.  Most of our group is accustomed to playing on bocce courts either at Miller Park or at Griffith park.

The new terrain is much less regular than bocce courts.  It has slopes and curves that must be allowed for when playing.  We think it's going to have much more "character," as the saying goes.  Our intent is to play on it "as is" for a few weeks before considering any top-dressing.  The terrain drains well except for one low spot up near the highway.  We hope to get Parks and Rec to address the low spot and any other issues that may become evident.

We welcomed a new player on Sunday.  Bryan Whittaker, from Jamestown, came out and played awhile.  He told us that he's already ordered some recreation boules from Petanque America and hopes to bring his wife the next time.

Sunday play ended with a heavy-rain thunderstorm.  We, of course, waited just a few minutes too late to abandon play and got well drenched for our tardiness.

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