Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday on the new Miller Park terrain

We made our usual Sunday morning drive from Lexington to Winston-Salem to play petanque on the newly created terrain at Miller Park.  The Parks and Recreation people finished the installation of our 6"x 6" timber surrounds, so the area is now fully ready for play.

There were afternoon and nighttime rainstorms in W-S on Saturday which left the terrain slightly softer than we've yet experienced, but still very, very firm.  There is one small area where a low spot in the surface tends to contain standing water.  The Parks and Rec people are aware of this and have promised to fix the problem soon.

Sunday was an extremely hot day with temps climbing into the 90s.  We had three shade shelters and one large umbrella to provide a little relief and the large tree near the entrance to the terrain provides good shade for our tables and snacks.

We were so happy to see Robert "Stump" Morrison and Cheryl back for the first time in a while.  They brought along one of their granddaughters  who quickly found a friend in Terry and Sue's granddaughter, and both Juniors did well in actual play.

Unfortunately, our day at the park was cut rather short when a thunderstorm around 3:15 ended our fun.

Since we had quite a few people staying with us in Lexington, we decided to move that way and take our chances that the storm might spare us and allow a continuation of play there.

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