Monday, July 20, 2015

Saturday "Introduction to Petanque" in Greensboro

Johnny Galbreath, his nephew Brandon, and Shannon Hodge from Zanesfield, OH

A lot of stuff to unload!

Warren from Greensboro

Fran came out to help

Looking for a little shade

Three courts with overflow areas


Jack and Jim

Rick and Maggie



Rusty and Marcia



Pizza lunch

Khalid instructing

Greensboro youngsters

Bek helping Brandon and Johnny learn the game

Front and back views of the 2015 Lexington Barbecue Petanque Tournament T-shirts

French theme

Our Ohio visitors and our Greensboro hosts
 We had a great time at David Caldwell Historic Park (Tanger Bicentennial Gardens) in Greensboro on Saturday.  Johnny Galbreath, Botanical Gardens Superintendent, invited Carolina Petanque to partner with Greensboro Parks and Recreation and present a day for petanque play in the hopes of beginning the process of establishing regular petanque play in Greensboro.

Many, many thanks to all the Carolina Petanque members and supporters who came out to make the point that there IS a lot of interest in petanque in the area.  The day was successful to the extent that Johnny promised Shirley and me he plans to proceed with the construction of a petanque terrain in the park.  Great news!

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