Monday, July 20, 2015


 We played among the four of us on Thursday morning and afternoon.  It seemed as though Donnie and I versus Shannon and Shirley proved to be a very even match-up with several games being decided by one or two points.

 Then, later in the afternoon, Donnie and I once again played  Shirley and Shannon, but we were all soon joined by Terry Wien, from Lexington, and by Marc Quilici and his girlfriend, Kathy Cline, from Hickory.  We were also pleased to meet Kathy's daughter, Sarah, for the first time.  She did very well indeed for one who has not played that much in the past.  We really enjoyed seeing Marc and Kathy for the first time in a while and hope they'll make the effort (and the drive) to play with us again soon.

After Marc, Kathy, and Sara left around 11:15 PM, we all decided we just had to have one more game and ended up playing until 1:15 AM!

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