Monday, July 27, 2015

A great way to celebrate my birthday!

We had a nice turnout yesterday at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC, on my birthday-- another hot July-in-Carolina summer day.

We were particularly glad to see Teng and his son, Wing (sp?) from Newton, NC.  Mai was working at the fresh market--they have a large garden and manage to produce enough to sell some of their surplus to local residents-- and unable to make the trip.

Also, Robert ("Stump") and Cheryl were back again and brought Tamara and Jemira (sp?), two of their grandchildren, along with them.  The Morrisons are always a welcome addition to the group and we're glad they have been able to rejoin us for the past couple of weeks after an extended absence.  They have a new grandchild who's only a few months old that has taken up much of their free time lately.

After Sunday's play, several of us, at Rom and Barb's invitation, met at Mayberry's Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant a few miles from the park.  Rom and Barb very generously treated the entire group to sandwiches and ice cream/milkshakes in celebration of my birthday.  Also, Kerry, upon finding out that Sunday was my birthday, had left play early and gone by a local bakery for a cake.  Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and especially to Rom, Barb, and Kerry for the post-play celebration.


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