Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday in Lexington

We had an even dozen players for Saturday afternoon and evening at the Joneses' home in Lexington. The play was on Saturday instead of Sunday this week because Michel's girlfriend, Sarah, was visiting from Michigan for the weekend, but she had a plane to catch on Sunday.

The gang started arriving around 1:00 PM and play began on Court 1. As more players showed up, we expanded to our newly created Courts 2 & 3. The fact that they were no more than a recently refurbished driveway space did not diminish our fun in the least. The addition of nine tons of new gravel screenings along with a little top dressing (salvaged aquarium rock from a local industry that produces small bags of colored stone for fish bowls and tanks!) made the driveways/courts very playable. A little string, a little paint on the lines, and the use of some of Philippe's Petanque America court signage gave the area a somewhat more finished look.

The usual afternoon storm gave us just enough time for a cookout supper of burgers, dogs, baked beans, chips, etc. before we resumed play for the evening session. Since play went on until nearly ten o'clock, it appears everyone was happy with the event.

We signed up another new member Saturday. Dean Johnson, from Charlotte, (above, last photo) makes our roster of paid members an even two dozen. Good progress since we started with just nine.

For those of you who weren't able to make it Saturday, there's always next time!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Gary!
With the 3 courts you are providing CarolinaPetanque with a marvelous meeting place. More than anyone could wish for. Thanks for the always warm hospitality.