Sunday, July 20, 2008

CarolinaPetanque in Lincolnton, NC

Gary and Shirley played host to a few friends at their Lincolnton, NC, court on Saturday. Tom, Carol, Wesley, Danny, and newcomers Dean & Judy were there for the afternoon. There were several good games played, some conversation and getting to know each other a little better, and a cookout supper of burgers and hot dogs.

It was particularly good to have Dean Johnson and Judy Bamping join our group for the first time. They live in the Charlotte area and are contemplating a court installation at home. They're still in the planning stages and just floating some ideas about what they want to do. We, of course, hope they will join us for play on as regular a basis as their schedules permit. And look forward to helping them christen their new court some time in the future!

Danny drove over from Rockwell and played. Unfortunately, Sue was unable to make it due to some caregiving responsibilities she has with her mom. Maybe next time. Danny's really doing well with his newly adopted style of shooting more often.

Tom, Carol, and Wesley live only a few miles from the Lincolnton venue, so it's hoped they will be regulars for the future.

Sorry everyone couldn't be there this time, but look forward to doing it again real soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Elizabeth Lloyd and I am Judy Bampings' cousin.We lost touch a few years ago and I am trying to get a contact e-mail address for her.I have a new e-mail address which I will post if if she or Dean wish to reply.Hope to hear from them soon.