Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday-- Banner Elk, NC, in the park

We played in the park on some dense gravel in a picnic area. The boules would hit and stop with practically zero roll. Good practice for trying to hit a certain spot, but very difficult for pointers who usually roll in for quite a distance. There were seven players, but Walt's friend, Stefanie, had some studying to do and did not join in until Shirley dropped out to take the photos you see here.

Shirley and I had just arrived at the mountain home of Danny and Sue on Thursday morning and the four of us went directly to the park to meet up with Walt, Stefanie, and Walt's mom, Maggie. We already knew how well Walt plays, and were not really surprised to find that Maggie and Stefanie both play very well also. Maggie's background was mostly lawn boules, but she seemed to be equally at home on the petanque terrain.

As you see, the park was very beautiful. We had a few people walk up and watch. One of them was from Lexington! I gave him a card and hope to hear from him in the future. Another, Phyllis, watched for a while. It turned out she was in charge of the park. She indicated that she thought there might be room to fit in a real terrain in the future. She had a few questions about the game. So of course she got a CarolinaPetanque card as well and a promise that we would do anything we could to advise or help if she decides to pursue construction.

The outing was a very nice start to a four day petanque weekend. More to come.

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