Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saturday-- Heritage Park in Newland, NC

Saturday was another beautiful mountain day. At least ten degrees cooler than down in the "flatlands." The six of us (Ron&Doreen, Danny&Sue, and Gary&Shirley) set out to try yet another place to play. Danny knew of a park/fairground near Newland which was less than ten miles from the Crossnore home of Danny&Sue where we were all staying.

We saw some signs around town that promised a horse show at the fairgrounds on Saturday evening, but thought we might be able to play on Saturday morning somewhere in the park. As it turned out, there was a semi-abandoned baseball field in the park that was perfect for our purposes. Or at least it didn't appear to have been used in a considerable amount of time. We chose to ignore the scattered weeds and played on the surface as we found it.

It was just fine. Hard packed clay lay just beneath a very thin top dressing of what appeared to be extremely fine gravel. It was fast- but not too fast. Very good. We'll rake, pull weeds, and police the area some in the future. The field was located some ways distant from the horse arena, so it looked as though we would have been able to play even if something else had been going on.

We've made up our minds to check it out again the next time we're in the mountains. It was the most promising spot we've found so far. We wouldn't have to worry about conflicts with baseball or softball games and there didn't seem to be anyone around that our group's play would disturb. Danny is going to talk with someone in the Parks&Recreation group and get official blessing for us to play there on occasion.

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