Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot day at Miller Park

Sunday was hot, hot, hot! We were all trying to find a little shade between turns in the circle. It was good to have Bob and Philippe back with the group after their recent travels. And Sue Daniels rejoined the group after an extended absence. This time it was Michel who was traveling. He was off to Michigan to see Sarah. Terry & Sue were only able to play for a short while due to obligations at their church and weren't in any of the pictures that Shirley made.

We enjoyed teaching our game to a nice couple who live within walking distance of Miller Park and just happened by on Sunday afternoon. Oscar and Diana are of Columbian heritage, but Philippe, as usual, found common interests in that he had known quite a few people of Columbian extraction when living in Miami.

Anyway, both Oscar and Diana played well. At first, we split the two of them on separate teams with Danny and myself being the other two players. They soon decided that the game wasn't all that difficult for them ( or that it seemed to be VERY difficult for Danny and me!) and decided to partner with each other for the final game. Lots of fun! Hope they'll be back often.

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