Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What a difference a day makes!

We were very happy to find a much-improved terrain at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Tuesday afternoon. The crew: Dean, Adam, and the guys, had been hard at work with the heavy equipment and had practically transformed our sandy-beach-type terrain into something more akin to our expectations. As they mixed, raked, watered, and compacted one area, we played and experimented on another area. The surface now barely dents when a boule is thrown fifteen feet into the air and lands. We think our continued mantra, "It can't be too firm for us," has been accepted and they've done a great job complying. As we kept explaining, we can always slow it down with a little top dressing of one sort or another, but we can never firm up a court that is five inches, or so, deep in loose material.

We may be around the Carolinas for another few days, as it turns out, due to changing circumstances.

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