Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Continuing construction efforts

After Shirley called and talked with Parks and Rec and with some of the group in charge of the actual construction of the new facilities at Miller Park, we decided to postpone our Florida trip for a day or two. We had planned to leave for Amelia Island-Lakeland-Sanford areas on Tuesday, but Shirley managed to get us a face-to-face with the construction crew at 4:00 PM Monday afternoon.

We spent a couple of hours going over our thoughts and explaining what we were looking for regarding a suitable surface for petanque. They seemed very receptive and eager to please, so we don't anticipate any ongoing problems. We made it clear that we could not play on a surface that was soft enough to allow a high lob with a boule to burrow into the terrain and not roll. As you can see from the couple of pictures Shirley snapped, we demonstrated the problem with a soft terrain and had no trouble getting the contractors to see our problem.

They're experimenting to find just the right mix of binding rock dust and screenings to solve our problem.

More to come.

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