Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Construction at Miller Park!

When we arrived at Miller Park in Winston-Salem on Sunday, we were really surprised to find that construction on our new terrains had not only started, but that one terrain was nearly finished! We walked around checking things out and were very happy to find that they appear to have included underground drainage pipes with runoffs at a couple of different corners. The wooden 6x6 surrounds appear to have been well laid out and solidly joined. The surface appears to have been layered with coarse to fine gravel for drainage and stability.

We were concerned that the top layer was very, very soft and thick fine gravel screenings. The terrain will have to have additional attention before we are able to play on it. The washed gravel appeared to be too thick and unlikely to bind into a firm enough surface for petanque, no matter how much they may attempt to compact it.

Shirley committed to contacting the Parks and Rec people on Monday to explore a resolution and find out what the ongoing plans are.

Meanwhile, we played on he existing terrain on Sunday. It is in good shape for play since there have been no significant rains of late that would compromise the playing surface due to the fact that we have still not resolved our issue with poor drainage, One end of the terrain has standing water after a rain and stays muddy for days at a time.

The weather, the terrain, and the group all combined to make Sunday play a lot of fun, We were especially glad to have Charles Leonard rejoin the group after a prolonged absence.

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