Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SE Inter-regional Head-to-Head (Singles)

Bernard Martin--  GOLD
Daniel Smith-- SILVER
Philippe Tripoal--  BRONZE
Gilles Canesse--  Fourth Place
Gina DeJoy--  GOLD
Shirley Jones-- SILVER
Lori Beth Creasey-  BRONZE
Faith Rose--  Fourth Place
Jon Claessens--  Consolante Winner
Cory Milliard--  Consolante Runner-up
Gary Jones--  Consolante Third Place
Larry Creasey--  Consolante Fourth Place
Debby Barry--  Consolante Winner;  Sue Daniels--  Consolante Runner-up
Pictured above are the winners of the 2015 SE Inter-regional Singles tournament held this past Sunday in Sanford, Florida.  Congratulations to all!

I'll be making another post with pictures and write-up in the next day or so.


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