Monday, March 23, 2015

Griffith Park

What a fun day jam packed with non-stop petanque!   The day began around 11:00 AM with Marcia and Rusty Reed's arrival from Boone to get in some games for the National Petanque League.  What dedication on those two's part!  Nelson and Marcia played one game, which Marca was brave to do considering she's still recovering from kneed surgery.  Rusty and Rebekah got in three games. 

We had a great turnout from 1:00 PM until 7:30 in the evening!  Some great petanque playing (see that one photo of Joseph's boules both perfectly next to the pig?) and good fellowship. We were super pleased to see Michael and Amanda come out for the third week in a row. They're getting better and better!  As the day was winding down, we were happy to see newcomer Annie stop by, who had heard about Carolina Petanque through .  Nelson taught her the basics and she did very well with her first game partnering with him against Rebekah and Kerry.  We do hope she'll return soon!

Joseph, Bob, Nelson, and Rebekah capped off the day with some additional singles games for National Petanque League play.  

Thanks to all those in attendance yesterday:  Rusty, Marcia, Kerry, Joseph, Fred, Joe, James, Rom, Barbara, Amanda, Michael, Stump, Cheryl, Annie, Nelson, and Rebekah.


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