Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Doubles Panache at the Wiens

Champions:  Teng Ly & Khalid Mesbah

Runners-up:  Danny Daniels & Sue Wien

Our hosts:  Terry & Sue Wien

 We had 20 participants [plus me as Director & Umpire] on Saturday at the Wien home on High Rock Lake in Lexington, NC, for the 2015 Doubles Panache.  We utilized all five of the available courts for five qualifying rounds of play where each player had a different partner in every round.  At the end of the five rounds, only one player, Khalid Mesbah, managed to win five games.  Teng Ly was also undefeated but had an 11-11 tie [timed games] to result in him being ranked #2 after qualifying.

Sue Wien had four out of five wins and qualified with a #3 ranking.  Danny Daniels also had only one loss but was involved in the 11-11 tie game and thus finished with 3 wins and one tie to his credit--  good enough to get him the #4 ranking.

As announced at the beginning of play, seeds #1 and #2 teamed up to play against seeds #3 and #4 in the Championship Finals.  Khalid and Teng managed to prevail as Danny & Sue W were a little slow in getting started, falling behind 8-0 after the first four ends.  They played better in  the last six ends and managed to get 3 points before Khalid/Teng made their 5 points needed for the win.

Congratulations to the championship team and to the runners-up. A big thank you goes out to all the participants and particularly to our hosts, Terry and Sue Wien.

[All photos by Rebekah Ricardo.]

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