Friday, April 3, 2015

Gina DeJoy over Shirley Jones: 13/12!

SE Regional Singles. Gina wins---and always with her Maine Club shirt showing ! Final Match against Shirley Jones (NC) with point by point game 1/1  2/2  3/3  4/4 5/5  6/6  7/7  8/8  9/9. At 9 Shirley took the lead 10/9, then 11/9 then 12/9. With a few curve balls in the rocks, Gina came back , 12/12. Last end was Gina 's first point on the coch, Shirley unable to stop it with two, took a shot and moved the coch. With two balls left, the court was open for the winning point. Long hard win.

[Write-up courtesy of Maine Boules Club on FACEBOOK.]

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