Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yesterday in Austin, Texas

Austin has a tradition of decorating trees along the public highway            

Typical traffic

Sculpture on the grounds of the Legation

Another sculpture
And another

Check out the pebble surface!  Plays great.

Game in progress (women beating the men!)

Another view of the walkways at the Legation
We drove into downtown Austin from our Spicewood location in order to play petanque with the Heart of Texas Petanque Club.  They routinely play on Wednesday afternoons at the French Legation near the Capitol Building.

Thierry's orange tree

Scoreboard  by Linda (with Fanny)

Jeffrey's artwork

Thierry points

Thierry shoots (Michael looking on)

Lucas after dark
Then we left the Legation and made the ten minute trip over to our friend's house in Southeast Austin.  Thierry Amisse is a Frenchman who recently completed the process of becoming a US citizen, and is a master-carpenter, producer and repairman for fine French furniture.  He has a hard-packed dirt driveway where he often hosts play and he was nice enough to have called and invited us for Wednesday evening.

Thanks, Thierry!

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