Sunday, December 8, 2013

The few, the proud, the petanquers!

Today's tools of the trade!

Well, it was about 35F today at game time in Winston-Salem, and Shirley and I had a holiday season commitment (Joneses extended-family Christmas luncheon) in Chesnee, SC, so, we couldn't be there.  With the cold and the threat of rain/freezing rain in the forecast for Miller Park, we didn't really expect anyone to show up for Sunday play anyway.

But they did!  Rebekah (today's intrepid photographer; thus, absent from the photos), Nelson, and Gail turned out to play.  They got in a few practice games despite the somewhat inclement weather.  Nice job of proving your dedication to the game, guys!  Wish we could have been there.

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Nelson said...

Thanks for posting, Gary! We missed seeing you, Shirley, and the others today. Neither rain, sleet, or snow can keep us away--We need all the practice we can get!