Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunday in North Carolina

Here is a write-up by Rebekah Ricardo, who also provided the photos, of Sunday play at Miller Park in Winston-Salem:

Nelson and I brought some peppermint bark we'd made.  All that was missing was some hot cocoa (We need to invest in a carafe!).  The sun was out, the sky a beautiful blue, but the wind cut quite the chill.  Gail, Fred, Nelson, and I played, and during the games we had a nice surprise visit from Joseph who turned up to watch/visit (He's doing better, but not completely back to 100% and ready to play.).  Weather permitting, Fred, Nelson, and I hope to be back again next Sunday.  Maybe some more will also be able to come and play.  We got in two games today and had a lot of fun!

Thanks, Rebekah!

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