Monday, April 22, 2013

Third Sunday in April

Augustin, Fred, and Kirk

Bo and Gary

Parker showing great form

Gail found a new friend in Bo's dog


Uijin, Lauren, and Kirk

James was back for a second week

Bob studying the situation (Rom relaxing in the background)
James. Gail, and Rom

Bo and Fred

Bo and Joe H.

Sunday found us again at Miller Park in Winston-Salem, NC.  The afternoon began with cool-ish temperatures but got better and better as it wore on.  By three o'clock many were looking for a little shade.

Kirk, Bo, and Parker swung back our way after spending the weekend in Raleigh with family.  Kirk just finished his busiest season of work (tax season!) and is hoping to have a little more free time to polish his game with nice weather finally making an arrival.  

As often happens when the Edwards family shows up, Uijin and Lauren managed to make it by as well.  They surprised the group with an announcement of the expectation of their first child sometime in Novemeber.  Congratulations and best wishes to the two (three?) of them!

It was good to see Kirk's mom, Kaye, and her husband, Ron, for the first time in a while too.  Ron advised that it's Kaye's work schedule that keeps them from making it by more often.  We hope she can find the time to join us more often.

Bob Moyer got to the park a little later than usual (due to a poetry event).  He reminded everyone of the upcoming CarolinaPetanque panache tournament in just two weeks.  We hope to have a decent attendance for Bob's visiting freind from Germany.

Shirley and I will not be playing in the Carolinas next weekend.  We're making a quick trip to Texas to visit the grandchildren.  There WILL be petanque at Miller Park on Sunday though.  Fred and Bob volunteered to host, so be sure to make it by and give them a little competition.

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